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Streamlining Your Reading List

ChatGPT plugins can really change the game for you. But navigating the OpenAI plugin store can be a nightmare.

We’ve put together an easy-to-view table of the plugins currently available on the store, along with special guides to get you started in using them. We are working on updating these – so check in regularly.

NameDescriptionLink to Guide
ABC Music NotationConvert ABC music notation to WAV, MIDI, and PostScript filesClick here for guide
ABCmouseProvide fun and educational learning activities for children 2-8Click here for guide
AITickerChatRetrieve USA stock insights from SEC filingsClick here for guide
AlgorithmaShape your virtual life in a life simulatorClick here for guide
AmbitionSearch millions of jobs near youClick here for guide
AskYourPDFTalk to any PDF you want!Click here for guide
BizTocBusiness and finance newsClick here for guide
BlockAtlasSearch the US census. Find data sets, ask questions, and visualizeClick here for guide
BohitaCreate apparel with any image you can describe!Click here for guide
BrameworkFind keywords and SEO information and analysisClick here for guide
BuyWiselyCompare prices & discover the latest offers in AustraliaClick here for guide
C3 GlideGet live aviation data for pilotsClick here for guide
ChangeDiscover nonprofits to support your community and beyondClick here for guide
ChatwithPDFAsk questions to any PDFClick here for guide
ChessPlay Chess in ChatGPTClick here for guide
Cloudflare RadarAllows you to talk to ChatGPT about real-time Internet patterns powered by Cloudflare Radar.Click here for guide
Comic FinderFind the best comics for youClick here for guide
CoupertFind the best coupons on all online storesClick here for guide
Craftly CluesGuess the word gameClick here for guide
CreatiCodeDisplay scratch programs as images & write 2D/3D programs using Creaticode extensionClick here for guide
Crypto PricesAccess the latest crypto prices and newsClick here for guide
Dev CommunityRecommend articles of users from DEV communityClick here for guide
EdXFind courses of all levels from leading universitiesClick here for guide
ExpediaBring your next trip to lifeClick here for guide
FiscalNoteEnables access to select market-leading, real-time data sets for legal and political infoClick here for guide
GetyourGuideFind tours and other travel activitiesClick here for guide
GiftwrapAsk about gift ideas, get them wrapped and deliveredClick here for guide
GlowingSchedule and send daily SMSClick here for guide
GoldenGet current factual data on companies from Golden knowledge graphClick here for guide
Hauling BuddiesLocate dependable animal transportersClick here for guide
InstacartAsk about recipes and then get them deliveredClick here for guide
KalendarAISales agent generates revenue with potential customersClick here for guide
KAYAKSearch flights, stays and rental cars in your budgetClick here for guide
KeyMateSearch the web using a custom search engineClick here for guide
Keyplays Live SoccerLatest live standings, plays, and resultsClick here for guide
Klara ShoppingSearch and compare prices from online storesClick here for guide
KraftfulYour product development coachClick here for guide
Lexi ShopperGet product recommendations from your local Amazon storeClick here for guide
LikewiseGet TV, movies, and podcast recommendationsClick here for guide
Link ReaderReads the content of all links!Click here for guide
ManorleadGet a list of listings for rentClick here for guide
MetaphorAccess the internet’s highest quality contentClick here for guide
MixerBox OnePlayerEndless music, podcasts, and videosClick here for guide
Ndricks SportsGet info about pro teams (NHL, NBA, MLB)Click here for guide
NoteableCreate notebooks in Python, SQLClick here for guide
One Word DomainDescribe your business and get the perfect one-word domain for itClick here for guide
Open TriviaGet trivia from various categoriesClick here for guide
OpenTableSearch and get bookings at restaurants anywhere, anytimeClick here for guide
Options ProPersonal options trader for all types of marketsClick here for guide
OwlJourneyProvides lodging and activity suggestionsClick here for guide
Playlist AICreate Spotify playlists for any promptClick here for guide
PolarrSearch user-generated filters to make your photos and videos perfectClick here for guide
PolygonAll of your market data about stocks, crypto, and moreClick here for guide
Portfolio PilotYour AI investing guide: portfolio assessment and answers to all questionsClick here for guide
Prompt PerfectType ‘perfect’ to craft the perfect prompt every timeClick here for guide
PublicGet real-time and historic market data like asset prices & newsClick here for guide
RedfinHave questions about the housing market? Find the answersClick here for guide
Rentable ApartmentsGet all the cheap and best apartmentsClick here for guide
Savvy Trader AIReal-time stock, crypto, and investment dataClick here for guide
ScholarAIUnlock the power of scientific knowledge with fast, reliable, and peer-reviewed dataClick here for guide
ShimmerTrack meals and gain insights for a healthier lifestyleClick here for guide
ShopSearch millions of products from the greatest brandsClick here for guide
Show MeCreate and edit diagrams in chatClick here for guide
SpeakLearn how to speak anything in any languageClick here for guide
SpeechkiConvert text to audio useClick here for guide
TablelogFind restaurant reservations in JapanClick here for guide
Tasty RecipesDiscover recipe ideas, meal plans, and cooking tipsClick here for guide
There’s an AI for thatFind the right AI tools for any use caseClick here for guide
Trip.comSimplify your flight and hotel bookingsClick here for guide
TuroSearch for the perfect Turo vehicle for your tripClick here for guide
TutoryAccess affordable on-demand tutoringClick here for guide
UpskillrBuild a curriculum for any topicClick here for guide
Video InsightsInteract with online video platforms like YouTubeClick here for guide
Vivian HealthFirst step to finding your next healthcare jobClick here for guide
VoxScriptEnables searching of YouTube transcripts and GoogleClick here for guide
WahiAsk and learn about latest property listings in OntarioClick here for guide
Weather ReportCurrent weather data of all citiesClick here for guide
WebPilotBrowse & QA webpagesClick here for guide
WishbucketUnified product search across all Korean platforms and brandsClick here for guide
WolframCompute answers using technology, relied on by millions of students & professionalsClick here for guide
Word SneakSneak 3 words into the convo and you have to guess itClick here for guide
World NewsSummarize news headlinesClick here for guide
YabbleYour ultimate AI research assistant. Create surveys, audiences & collect dataClick here for guide
Yay! FormsCreate AI-powered forms, surveys, and quizzesClick here for guide
ZapierInteract with 5000+ apps like Google Sheets, Salesforce, and moreClick here for guide
ZillowYour real estate assistant is hereClick here for guide

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