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Unearth information from your PDFs with the ChatwithPDF plugin for ChatGPT. This plugin is an asset for researchers, students, or professionals, enabling them to query their PDF documents, extract specific information, and gain insights with ease.

Uploading your PDF – Dropbox method

You’ll need to first upload your PDF to Dropbox.

After you’ve done that, go ahead and create a shareable link.

You’ll notice the link starts with

You’re going to replace that part with

Just make sure the link still ends with .PDF and you’re good to go with feeding that link into the below prompts.

Ideas on how you can use the ChatwithPDF ChatGPT Plugin


Research and Academia

You’re a student or academic researcher who’s dealing with tons of PDFs for your thesis or project. With ChatwithPDF, you can extract information, discover related concepts, and get a summary of complex sections.

“Hey, can you find the section in this PDF where the author discusses the results of their experiment on plant growth?”

“I’m struggling to understand the methodology in this research paper. Can you summarize it for me?”

Business and Industry Reports

You’re a professional who needs to analyze market trends and business insights from various industry reports. ChatwithPDF can help you to quickly navigate through large documents and extract the key data points and information.

“Can you pull out the key findings from the 2023 Q2 Tech Industry Report?”

“I’m looking for the section about market predictions in this business forecast document. Can you help me find it?”

Legal Documents

You’re a lawyer or paralegal dealing with legal documents that are often dense and complex. ChatwithPDF can help you to easily find specific legal clauses, or to understand complicated legal language.

“Could you locate the clause about intellectual property rights in this contract?”

“This section about the liability terms is confusing. Can you break it down for me?”

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Technical Manuals

You’re an engineer or technician who needs to understand how to operate or repair machinery based on technical manuals. ChatwithPDF can help you find the relevant sections in the manual quickly, saving you a lot of time and effort.

“Where’s the part in this manual that explains how to calibrate the machine?”

“I’m having trouble understanding this section about troubleshooting error codes. Could you simplify it for me?”

Cookbooks and Recipes

You’re an enthusiastic home cook or a professional chef exploring a new recipe book in PDF format. ChatwithPDF can help you find specific recipes or ingredients, and even summarize cooking instructions for you.

“Can you find the recipe for apple pie in this cookbook?”

“I’m having a hard time understanding these baking instructions. Could you simplify them for me?”

Bonus Prompts to dig deeper into the ChatwithPDF ChatGPT plugin

Other Useful Prompts you could ask to find more information

  • “I’m reading a lengthy history book in PDF format. Could you help me locate the chapter where the author discusses the impact of World War II on Europe?”
  • “I have a large pharmaceutical study report. Can you find the section where the researchers discuss the side effects of the new drug?”
  • “I’m looking at a PDF of a new software’s user manual. Can you help me find the section about how to install it on a Mac?”
  • “I have a PDF document containing the company’s annual financial report. Can you find the part where they talk about the revenue growth in the past year?”
  • “I’m studying from a digital textbook. Can you help me find the section where the concept of supply and demand in economics is explained?”

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