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Customized Web Search

Make your web searches more efficient with the KeyMate plugin for ChatGPT. This tool lets you search the web using a custom search engine, yielding precise and relevant results. From academic research to casual browsing, KeyMate is your personalized search assistant.

Ideas on how you can use the KeyMate ChatGPT Plugin

Personalized Research Assistant

KeyMate, your personalized research assistant, can provide tailored web search results based on your specific interests and requirements. Whether you’re looking for the latest scientific publications or eco-conscious fashion options, KeyMate can quickly retrieve relevant information to assist you.

“Hey KeyMate, help me find the latest research articles on climate change and its impact on biodiversity.”

“KeyMate, I need information about sustainable fashion brands that use eco-friendly materials and ethical manufacturing practices.”

Curated News Digest

Stay up to date with the help of KeyMate’s curated news digest. By specifying your preferred topics, such as technology or artificial intelligence, KeyMate can sift through the vast amount of online information and present you with a concise summary of the most significant news and recent advancements.

“Hey KeyMate, what are some notable developments in the field of artificial intelligence in the last month?”

“KeyMate, give me an overview of the top news stories related to technology and innovation from the past week.”

Niche Product and Service Recommendations:

When you need recommendations for niche products or services, KeyMate is your go-to assistant. Whether it’s finding durable hiking boots or uncovering hidden gems in a bustling city, KeyMate can customize web searches to find options that align with your specific needs and preferences.

“KeyMate, suggest some highly-rated hiking boots for challenging terrains.”

“Hey KeyMate, I’m planning a trip to Tokyo. Can you find unique and affordable accommodations in the city?”

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Learning and Educational Resources:

Enhance your learning journey with KeyMate’s ability to curate educational resources. Whether you’re seeking online courses, tutorials, or reliable platforms for learning programming languages or graphic design, KeyMate can search the web to provide you with tailored suggestions and materials.

“Hey KeyMate, what are some reputable platforms for learning programming languages?”

“KeyMate, help me find comprehensive online courses on graphic design for beginners.”

Travel Planning and Exploration:

KeyMate can be your trusted travel companion, assisting with trip planning and exploration. Whether you’re looking for popular attractions and dining options in a specific city or seeking offbeat destinations for a unique adventure, KeyMate can customize web searches to help you uncover the best travel experiences.

“KeyMate, show me popular attractions and must-visit restaurants in Barcelona.”

“Hey KeyMate, what are some offbeat destinations for a solo backpacking trip in Southeast Asia?”

Bonus Prompts to dig deeper into the KeyMate ChatGPT plugin

Other Useful Prompts you could use

  • “KeyMate, find me reliable sources that discuss the benefits and drawbacks of cryptocurrency as an investment option.”
  • “Hey KeyMate, can you provide me with step-by-step tutorials on how to build a website using WordPress?”
  • “KeyMate, help me discover popular vegetarian and vegan recipes for a dinner party I’m hosting.”
  • “Hey KeyMate, find me reviews and comparisons of the latest smartphone models in the market.”
  • “KeyMate, suggest some effective strategies for time management and productivity improvement in a remote work setup.”

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