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Streamlining Your Tutoring Needs

Find the perfect tutor with the Tutory plugin for ChatGPT. Ideal for students, lifelong learners, or anyone seeking knowledge enhancement, this tool matches you with qualified tutors, facilitates online learning sessions, and provides resources to maximize your study time.

Ideas on how you can use the Tutory ChatGPT Plugin

Homework Assistance

If you’re a student needing help with homework, Tutory can guide you through tricky problems and explain complex concepts. It’s like having a personal tutor at your fingertips.

“”Hey Tutory, I’m stuck on this math problem. It’s 2x + 3 = 9. Can you help me solve it?”

“Tutory, can you explain the process of photosynthesis to me?”

Professional Development

If you’re a professional looking to expand your knowledge or learn a new skill, Tutory can provide in-depth tutorials and explanations in a wide range of subjects.

“Hello Tutory, I want to learn more about project management techniques. Can you teach me?”

“Tutory, I’m trying to understand the basics of financial accounting. Can you help me out?”

Lifelong Learning

If you’re an avid learner with an insatiable curiosity, Tutory can be your guide in exploring new topics or diving deeper into subjects you’re passionate about.

“Tutory, I’m interested in learning about the history of Ancient Egypt. Where should I start?”

“Hey Tutory, I want to learn Spanish. Can you teach me some basic phrases?”

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Continuous Learning

If you’re a user looking to continue learning over time, Tutory has a long-term memory feature that allows you to pick up where you left off in previous sessions.

“Tutory, last week we talked about the French Revolution. Can you recap the main points?”

“Hello Tutory, can we continue our lesson on Python programming from where we left off?”

Classroom Support

If you’re a teacher seeking to supplement classroom instruction or provide additional resources for your students, Tutory can serve as a virtual assistant to enhance the learning experience.

“Tutory, can you provide a summary of the plot of ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ for my students?”

“Hey Tutory, can you generate a quiz on the topic of cell biology for my students?”

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