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This article is actually a snippet from our ultimate guide on using ChatGPT to plan your next vacation, covering everything from A to Z. Just click here to check the full guide out.

Uncover Local Events with ChatGPT

So, you’re heading to the vibrant city of New York. You’ve got the must-see sights on your list: the Statue of Liberty, Times Square, Central Park. But you’re wondering, “What’s going on in the city while I’m there?” That’s where ChatGPT, your AI events concierge, comes in.

Maybe you’re a music lover and want to catch some live shows. You might ask,

“What are some famous music festivals or venues in New York?”

It could tell you about the legendary Madison Square Garden, the jazz shows at Blue Note, or the SummerStage festival in Central Park.

Perhaps you’re an art enthusiast and you want to immerse yourself in local art events. You could ask,

“What are some art events or galleries I should check out in New York?”

ChatGPT might suggest visiting the MoMA or The Met, or checking out local art fairs like the Frieze Art Fair or The Armory Show.

Or let’s say you’re traveling with kids and looking for family-friendly events. Ask,

“Can you suggest some kid-friendly events or festivals in New York?”

It could recommend the Tribeca Film Festival’s family street fair, the fun workshops at the Children’s Museum of Manhattan, or the annual Halloween Parade at Central Park.

Here are more examples of prompts that you can use:

1. If you’ve been to a destination before, you might be looking for some new and unique experiences.

Try something like this:

  • “I’m visiting London again and I want to do something different this time. Can you suggest some unique local events or festivals that tourists usually miss?”
  • “I’m returning to Tokyo and I’m a big fan of anime. Are there any anime-related events or conventions that I could attend?”

2. Your honeymoon is a special time and finding unique local events can make it even more memorable. Here are two examples of prompts you could use with ChatGPT:

Try something like this:

  • “My partner and I are honeymooning in Bali. Can you suggest any romantic events or unique experiences we should check out?”
  • “We’re spending our honeymoon in Paris. Besides the typical tourist spots, are there any romantic local events or experiences we shouldn’t miss?”

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Discover activities to make your trip even more unforgettable

Imagine you’re planning a trip to Barcelona, Spain. You’ve heard about the famous sights like Sagrada Familia and Park Güell, but you’re also looking for some activities to truly immerse yourself in the local culture.

Suppose you’re a sports enthusiast. You might ask,

“What are some sports-related activities I can do in Barcelona?”

It could tell you about visiting the iconic Camp Nou Stadium, the home of FC Barcelona, or even suggest trying out paddle surfing at Barceloneta Beach.

Perhaps you’re passionate about cooking and want to learn about local cuisine. You could ask,

“What are some cooking classes I can take in Barcelona?”

ChatGPT might recommend a paella cooking class, a tapas cooking workshop, or even a Catalan wine-tasting session.

Or let’s say you’re traveling with your family and you’re looking for kid-friendly activities. You might ask,

“Can you suggest some family-friendly activities in Barcelona?”

It could suggest a visit to the Barcelona Aquarium, a day trip to the Tibidabo Amusement Park, or a fun chocolate-making workshop at the Museu de la Xocolata.

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Here are more examples of prompts that you can use:

1. You want to book a girls-only trip for you and your friends.

Try something like this:

  • “My friends and I are planning a girls’ trip to Las Vegas. Can you suggest some unique activities that we could enjoy together?”
  • “We’re heading to Santorini, Greece for a girls’ getaway. What are some fun and relaxing activities we could do?”

2. Planning a trip with your son can be a great bonding experience. Here are two examples of prompts you could use with ChatGPT to find suitable activities:

Try something like this:

  • “My 12-year-old son and I are visiting San Francisco. He’s really into science and technology. Can you suggest some activities that he might enjoy?””
  • “We’re planning a trip to London and my son is a big Harry Potter fan. What are some Harry Potter-related activities we could do?”

And remember to check out our full guide on how to use ChatGPT to plan your next vacation, covering everything from A to Z. Click here to access it.

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