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Your Starting Point for a Healthcare Career

Take the first step towards your next healthcare job with the Vivian Health plugin for ChatGPT. This tool serves as your personal job hunt assistant in the healthcare sector, helping you discover opportunities that align with your skills and interests.

Ideas on how you can use the Vivian Health ChatGPT Plugin

Travel Nurse Job Search

Vivian Health is a platform designed to help travel nurses find assignments. It connects nurses with staffing agencies and allows them to apply for jobs in an efficient manner. Vivian Health is not a travel nursing agency itself, but a third-party platform that offers a streamlined job search experience for nurses​.

“Find me travel nursing jobs in California.”

“Help me apply for travel nursing assignments on Vivian Health.”

Permanent Nursing Job Search

Alongside assisting travel nurses, Vivian Health also helps nurses find permanent positions in their local healthcare facilities. The platform enables nurses to connect with a variety of healthcare employers and apply for jobs easily​.

“I am looking for a permanent nursing position in Boston. Can you assist me with Vivian Health?”

“Help me find a permanent nursing job using Vivian Health.”

Job Search with Personalized Preferences

Vivian Health allows users to customize their job search based on specific criteria such as location, salary, and shift details. The platform presents jobs that are relevant to the user’s preferences, making it easier for nurses to find jobs that suit their needs​.

“I want to find nursing jobs on Vivian Health with a salary above $80,000.”

“Find me night shift nursing jobs in New York on Vivian Health.”

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Salary Updates and Communication

Vivian Health provides nurses with monthly updates on their average salary expectations based on their professional details and location. The platform also facilitates direct messaging with potential employers, providing a convenient platform for all job-related communication​.

“What’s the average salary for my nursing specialty in Chicago according to Vivian Health?”

“Help me send a message to a potential employer on Vivian Health.”

Healthcare Hiring

For healthcare employers, Vivian Health serves as a robust platform to connect with over 1 million qualified healthcare professionals. Employers can filter candidates by discipline, specialty, location, and more. They can also chat with candidates directly and offer competitive salaries based on local market trends. In addition, the platform provides detailed candidate information, including work history, shift preferences, licenses, and certifications. All of these features can significantly speed up the hiring process and reduce hiring costs​​.

“I want to find a pediatric nurse in Texas using Vivian Health.”

“Help me understand the local market salary trend for nurses in Florida using Vivian Health.”

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