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Gain a holistic view of the internet with the Cloudflare Radar plugin for ChatGPT. Perfect for web developers, security analysts, or IT professionals, this plugin provides insights into web traffic trends, cybersecurity threats, and the health of the internet ecosystem.

Ideas on how you can use the Cloudflare Radar ChatGPT Plugin

Monitoring Internet Trends and Events

Cloudflare Radar can be used to keep track of current events and trends happening on the internet. These could include the adoption of new technologies, changes in browser or operating system usage, or shifts in internet traffic patterns related to specific events or countries.

“Hey, can you give me an update on the latest internet trends from Cloudflare Radar?”

“What’s the current adoption rate of the latest version of Chrome according to Cloudflare Radar?”

Analyzing Internet Traffic

Cloudflare Radar can provide insights into internet traffic patterns for specific countries. It can show changes in aggregate internet traffic as seen by Cloudflare’s network.

“Can you check the change in internet traffic for the United States on Cloudflare Radar?”

“What’s the current internet traffic snapshot for Germany according to Cloudflare Radar?”

Identifying Popular and Trending Domains

Cloudflare Radar can calculate which domains are popular and trending, both globally and for individual countries. This can be used to spot emerging trends and popular services.

“What are the currently trending domains in Canada according to Cloudflare Radar?”

“Which domains are the most popular worldwide on Cloudflare Radar?”

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Tracking Cyberattack Activity

Cloudflare Radar provides information about different types of cyberattacks that it has observed. This could be used to monitor current threats and understand changes in attack volume.

“Can you check the latest cyberattack activity on Cloudflare Radar?”

“What types of cyberattacks has Cloudflare Radar observed in the last 24 hours?”

Assessing Individual Domain or IP Information

Cloudflare Radar allows users to dig deeper into individual domains or IP addresses, showing global rankings, security information, and geographic information.

“What’s the global ranking of according to Cloudflare Radar?”

“Can you find information about the IP address using Cloudflare Radar?”

Bonus Prompts to dig deeper into the Cloudflare Radar ChatGPT plugin

Other Useful Prompts you could ask to find more information

  • “Could you show me the recent changes in the share of IPv6 usage according to Cloudflare Radar?”
  • “Can you check the recent security threats for the domain ‘’ on Cloudflare Radar?”
  • “Can you tell me the geographic information of the IP address according to Cloudflare Radar?”
  • “What’s the change in volume of Layer 3 and 4 Denial of Service attacks observed by Cloudflare Radar in the last week?”
  • “Using Cloudflare Radar, can you tell me if there has been a significant change in internet traffic in Japan in the past 24 hours?”

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