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Ever wished ChatGPT wasn’t just all talk? Well it isn’t anymore…

DALL-E, OpenAi’s super cool AI image generator tool, is integrated into ChatGPT for all Pro and Enterprise users in the coming days. And, users will be getting the latest version – 3.

Here are 10 insanely useful ways you can use DALL-E within the ChatGPT chat window.

1. The Out-of-this-World Educational Tool

You’re cozied up with a hot chocolate, ready to dive into the mysteries of the universe (or, y’know, just help your kid with homework).

Your curious kiddo plops down next to you, burning with questions about the cosmos. Instead of Google searching and scrolling random images, you turn to ChatGPT.

“Show us examples of what an asteroid looks like”

dalle example asteroid

Then during your conversation with ChatGPT, it also explains that you get “Metallic asteroids are primarily iron and nickel, but can contain rare metals like platinum, gold, iridium, palladium, osmium, ruthenium and rhodium

You can ask it to show an image of this form of asteroid.

dalle asteroid example

2. Build an Image step-by-step

Imagine tapping away: “Show me a minimalist living room with a blue couch.” BAM! You’ve got a virtual mockup faster than you can say “Ikea”. But wait, there’s more! Feeling a little vintage vibe? You can then say: “Now add a vintage wooden coffee table.” And just like that, your dream room comes to life, no assembly required!

Using DALL-E inside ChatGPT will allow you to build images onto images. Take a look at the below promo image from OpenAI:

3. Strut Your Style with Fashion Design

dalle-fashion dress

Ever gazed into the abyss of your closet and thought, “What if I could whip up my own snazzy outfit quicker than I can say ‘haute couture’?”

Craving a beach party look that’ll make waves? Just hit up ChatGPT and say,

“Generate an image of a summer outfit for a beach party.”


Feeling adventurous? Try this on for size:

“Design a shoe that merges the aesthetics of 1980s retro with futuristic elements.”

Marty McFly meets Blade Runner. Welcome to the runway of your wildest dreams!

4. Crafting Tales with Custom Comic Strips

Maybe you find yourself playing Dungeons and Dragons with ChatGPT – and want to add some visual effects. Or perhaps you find yourself daydreaming about whimsical worlds where dragons sip tea and unicorns play chess.

“Illustrate a boy meeting a dragon on a mountain.”

dalle dragon

A scene unfolds – a brave kid, a majestic dragon, and a mountain backdrop.

But wait, there’s a plot twist! “Now show the dragon offering the boy a ride”. And just like that, you’re off – soaring through story arcs, creating cliffhangers, and maybe even befriending a few magical creatures along the way.

5. Feast Your Eyes on Culinary Inspiration

Stomach growling but inspiration’s running low? We’ve all been there – standing in the kitchen, fridge wide open, hoping for a culinary epiphany. You probably already used ChatGPT to generate some amazing dinner ideas, or recipes for you.

But, what if the answer to “What’s for dinner (or dessert)?” could be as vivid and tasty as a picture on your screen?

“Show a dessert made with strawberries and chocolate.”

dalle strawberry

Think of Dall-E as a culinary adventure guide – whether you’re a seasoned chef or someone who thinks boiling water is a challenge. Want to see what a pineapple upside-down cake looks like on Mars? Or how about a sandwich that’s fit for a queen? If you can crave it, Dall-E can create it!

6. Spreading Joy with Personalized Gifts and Cards

Imagine, the clock’s ticking, and you’ve gotta find the perfect way to say “Happy Birthday!” What do you do? Simple! Tell ChatGPT,

“Design a birthday card with balloons and a giant panda holding a cake.”

dalle panda birthday

But why stop there? Whether it’s a thank you note featuring a kangaroo on a skateboard or a congratulations card with dancing tacos, the sky’s the limit! Why settle for ordinary when you can create extraordinary?

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7. Crafting Realms with World-building for Writers

Alright, fellow scribes and dream weavers, ever found your words painting a picture, but, oh, what a treat it would be to actually see that steampunk marketplace bustle or that silver-haired elf spring off the page?


You’re tucked away in your writing nook, and the words are flowing.

“Show me a bustling marketplace in a steampunk city”

And bam! Before you can say “quill and ink”, there’s your marketplace, bustling away in living color!

dalle steampunk

And then there’s characters. “Illustrate the protagonist of my fantasy novel – she’s an elf with silver hair.” There she is, your elven heroine, silver locks and all, ready to embark on epic quests and maybe—just maybe—save the world!

dalle- elf

8. Unleashing Creativity with Game Development Brainstorming

You’re sketching out the blueprints of your next gaming universe, and you find yourself pondering, “What would a post-apocalyptic cityscape really look like?” A quick prompt, “Generate an image of a post-apocalyptic cityscape in Paris,” and voila!

Crumbled buildings, deserted streets, and a skyline that tells tales of a world gone by – it’s all there!

dalle post

But, hey, what’s a game without some cool gear? “Design a weapon suitable for a sci-fi universe,” and bam! Before you can say “spawn point,” you’ve got a blaster that looks like it’s straight out of the future, ready to zap some aliens!

dalle space guns

9. Embark on Journeys with Virtual Travel

You’re stuck at home, wanderlust knocking at your door. You lean in and ask, “Show me a serene beach on an alien planet.” And there it is! An extraterrestrial shoreline, waves glowing with cosmic light, and sands that dance in colors you didn’t know existed.

dalle alien beach

But why stop at alien beaches? Ever wondered, “What would it be like to stroll around in a New York City where everything is upside-down?” Throw in that command – “Generate an image of New York City in a world where everything is upside-down.” Suddenly, skyscrapers are dipping their heads into the ground, and you’re walking on clouds – literally!

dalle new york upside down

10. Learning through Visualization

We’re about to turn study sessions into a canvas of imagination! ChatGPT was already a game-changer when it came to learning and simplifying concepts. Now it throws in imagery as well.

You’re grappling with historical events, and those dates just keep playing hide and seek. Frustrating, right? Why not ask Dall-E, “Generate an image of a memory palace with rooms representing key events of World War II.” Boom! You’ve got a visual map, and suddenly, history isn’t a maze anymore!

And for those molecular mysteries in Chemistry? A prompt like, “Create an interactive mind map of the periodic table with quirky illustrations for each element,” turns atoms and molecules into unforgettable characters.

FAQ: ChatGPT’s DALL·E 3 Integration

DALL·E 3 is available to both ChatGPT Plus and Enterprise customers.

Say goodbye to prompt engineering (ChatGPT handles that for you)! DALL·E 3 sticks closely to your provided text, generating images that exactly adhere to your descriptions. It’s a leap forward in precision.

Yes. ChatGPT acts as your brainstorming partner, helping you refine prompts and generate tailored, detailed ones for DALL·E 3. If an image needs tweaking, a few words to ChatGPT will do the trick!

The images are all yours! You don’t need our permission to reprint, sell, or merchandise them.

DALL·E 3 has mitigations to decline certain requests and has improved safety performance in risk areas. OpenAI claims that they’ve worked with domain experts to address concerns like propaganda and misinformation.

DALL·E 3 is designed to decline such requests. Plus, creators can opt their images out from the training of our future models.

It’s built natively on ChatGPT. Just ask ChatGPT what you want to visualize, and watch your idea come to life with DALL·E 3’s detailed imagery.

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