Quiz: Will You Survive the AI Uprising?




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So, you’ve seen the movies, read the sci-fi novels, and maybe even had a nightmare or two about your Alexa suddenly developing a sinister personality.

Yes, we’re talking about that age-old question (that has come back into fashion with the rise of ChatGPT):

“What if AI took over the world?”

AI writing software

Will You Survive the AI Uprising?

ChatGPT, yes AI, is going to rate your chances of surviving an AI Uprising.

1 / 7

In the event of an AI uprising, your first reaction would be to…

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2 / 7

Your survival bunker is stocked with…

chatgpt plugins metaverse

3 / 7

Your strategy to avoid detection by AI robots is…

AI writing software

4 / 7

If you come face to face with an AI robot, your plan is to…

robots on hiking trail

5 / 7

Your preferred mode of transport during the AI uprising is…

AI writing software

6 / 7

Your go-to gadget in the uprising is…

chatgpt plugins metaverse

7 / 7

Your secret weapon against the AI is…

AI writing software

Your score is

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