Quiz: What type of ChatGPT Prompter Are You?




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Ever wondered what type of prompter ChatGPT categorizes you as? Probably Not.

But, now you might be curious to find out, right… 🙂

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What type of ChatGPT Prompter Are You?

Discover what type of personality ChatGPT thinks you are based on your prompt preferences

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When you open up a conversation with ChatGPT, your first sentence is most likely to be…

robot reading a document

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If ChatGPT could only give one-word answers, you’d be…

robot newspaper

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You feel most satisfied after a ChatGPT chat when…

robot reading a document

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If ChatGPT were to go rogue and start telling dad jokes, you would…

robot newspaper

5 / 7

The statement that best describes your ChatGPT conversation style is…

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If ChatGPT started talking about unicorns and rainbows, you would…

robot newspaper

7 / 7

Your favorite aspect of your conversation with ChatGPT is…

robot reading a document

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