21 Best Video examples from OpenAI’s Sora (video from text creator)




OpenAI’s latest product release is… well they say a picture is worth 1000 words, and we say a video is worth 10,000 – so you’re better off just seeing the examples for yourself.

We’ve collected 20 of the best examples we’ve seen so far for your viewing pleasure.

If you haven’t heard about Sora yet – imagine transforming your words into dynamic, vivid scenes that unfold right before your eyes.

And not just short clips. Sora can do videos up to 60 seconds.

It’s cutting-edge AI model designed to create video from text. But, Sora is not just about crafting visuals like Dall-E; it’s about bringing to life realistic and imaginative scenes based on textual instructions.

Whether you’re envisioning complex narratives with multiple characters, specific motions, or detailed backgrounds, Sora makes it possible. It understands the essence of your prompts, simulating how elements interact in the physical world with astonishing accuracy and emotional depth.

Dogs doing a podcast

Sora Prompt: “Two golden retrievers podcasting on top of a mountain”

Looking out a train window

Tokoyo snowy city scene

Sora Prompt: “Beautiful, snowy Tokyo city is bustling. The camera moves through the bustling city street, following several people enjoying the beautiful snowy weather and shopping at nearby stalls. Gorgeous sakura petals are flying through the wind along with snowflakes.”

Vehicle on a winding road

Sora Prompt: “The camera follows behind a white vintage SUV with a black roof rack as it speeds up a steep dirt road surrounded by pine trees on a steep mountain slope.”

Car speeding on winding road

California Historical Gold Rush

Sora Prompt: “Historical footage of California during the gold rush.”

Mammoths walking

Sora Prompt: “Several giant wooly mammoths approach treading through a snowy meadow, their long wooly fur lightly blows in the wind as they walk, snow covered trees and dramatic snow capped mountains in the distance, mid afternoon light with wispy clouds and a sun high in the distance creates a warm glow, the low camera view is stunning capturing the large furry mammal with beautiful photography, depth of field.”

Grandma Influencer

Sora Prompt: “An instructional cooking session for homemade gnocchi hosted by a grandmother social media influencer set in a rustic Tuscan country kitchen with cinematic lighting”

For comparison this is what Dall-E 3 did with the same prompt:

Cat in bed

Sora Prompt: “a cat waking up its sleeping owner demanding breakfast…”

Ocean bike race with animals

Sora Prompt: “A bicycle race on the ocean with different animals as athletes riding the bicycles with a drone camera view.”

Woman walking at night

Prompt: “A stylish woman walks down a Tokyo street filled with warm glowing neon and animated city signage. she wears a black leather jacket, a long red dress, and black boots, and carries a black purse. she wears sunglasses and red lipstick. she walks confidently and casually. the street is damp and reflective, creating a mirror effect of the colorful lights. many pedestrians walk about.”

Futuristic city tour

Sora Prompt: A street-level tour through a futuristic city which in harmony with nature and also simultaneously cyperpunk / high-tech. The city should be clean, with advanced futuristic trams, beautiful fountains, giant holograms everywhere, and robots all over.

Lagos street scene

Sora Prompt: “A beautiful homemade video showing the people of Lagos, Nigeria in the year 2056. Shot with a mobile phone camera.”

Puppies playing in the snow

Sora Prompt: “A litter of golden retriever puppies playing in the snow. Their heads pop out of the snow, covered in.”

Pirate ships inside coffee cup

Sora Prompt: “Photorealistic closeup video of two pirate ships battling each other as they sail inside a cup of coffee.”

Aerial shot of lighthouse on Cliff

Chinese Year of Dragon celebrations

Cloud monster (or is it the real Thor?)

Dog moving along window

Flower blooming

Chameleon close-up

Prompt: “This close-up shot of a chameleon showcases its striking color-changing capabilities. The background is blurred, drawing attention to the animal’s striking appearance.”

Santorini during the blue hour

Prompt: “Aerial view of Santorini during the blue hour, showcasing the stunning architecture of white Cycladic buildings with blue domes. The caldera views are breathtaking, and the lighting creates a beautiful, serene atmosphere.”

Animated Fluffy monster playing with a candle

Prompt: “Animated scene features a close-up of a short fluffy monster kneeling beside a melting red candle. the art style is 3d and realistic, with a focus on lighting and texture. the mood of the painting is one of wonder and curiosity, as the monster gazes at the flame with wide eyes and open mouth. its pose and expression convey a sense of innocence and playfulness as if it is exploring the world around it for the first time. the use of warm colors and dramatic lighting further enhances the cozy atmosphere of the image.”

Walkthrough an art gallery

Space adventure trailer

Prompt: “A movie trailer featuring the adventures of the 30 year old space man wearing a red wool knitted motorcycle helmet, blue sky, salt desert, cinematic style, shot on 35mm film, vivid colors.”

Old man on a train

How Sora Works

Sora operates on a principle akin to transforming static noise into a coherent, dynamic video through a process known as diffusion modeling.

It begins with what appears to be visual static and methodically refines this into a detailed video, adhering closely to the given text instructions.

This model harnesses the power of transformer architecture, renowned for its scalability and effectiveness in managing complex datasets.

By treating videos and images as collections of patches, similar to tokens in GPT models, Sora achieves remarkable flexibility in video generation, covering a vast array of durations, resolutions, and styles.

Its ability to generate videos from text, animate still images, or enhance existing videos showcases its versatility and precision.


Sora represents a monumental step forward in the realm of AI and creative expression.

By bridging the gap between textual prompts and video content, it opens up new avenues for storytelling, education, and visual communication.

Its sophisticated understanding of language and the physical world allows for the creation of videos that are not only visually stunning but also rich in detail and emotion. As we continue to explore the capabilities of Sora, we stand on the brink of a new era where our imaginations are the only limit to what we can create.

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