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The way I think of ChatGPT is that it is my personal Aladdin’s lamp – you rub it the right way (or in our case, type the right words), and out pops an information genie ready to fulfill your wishes.

But like all great tools, knowing how to wield it makes all the difference. That’s why we’re going to delve into “7 Genius Hacks That Every ChatGPT User Should Know”.

These tips and tricks will help you unlock the full potential of this AI, turning it from a simple chatbot into your personal problem solver, creative companion, and knowledge navigator. So grab your explorer’s hat, it’s time to venture into the uncharted territories of ChatGPT!

1. Contextual Summaries

How many times have you stared at a dense, jargon-filled document, eyes glazing over, wondering how on earth you’re going to understand it? Well, I’ve got a tip for you today, that’s going to change your relationship with the written word. I call it the ‘Contextual Summaries’ method, and it involves our friend ChatGPT.

So here’s the trick: break it down to build it up. You’re not going to feed the entire document to ChatGPT in one go; instead, we’re going to take it piece by piece. Chop up that massive tome into bite-sized sections—paragraphs, pages, whatever makes sense. You’re essentially making an AI-friendly buffet from your document feast.

Then, pass each of these sections to ChatGPT and ask it to summarize or simplify. A simple prompt might be: “Can you summarize the following text in simpler terms?” followed by your chunk of text. Or perhaps: “Could you break down the key points from this paragraph?” You get the idea. You’re giving ChatGPT the context it needs to serve up the juiciest nuggets of information in a digestible format.

Let’s put this into action with an example. Suppose you have a 10-page document about blockchain technology that’s packed with technical language. Instead of overwhelming yourself (and the AI), divide the document into sections based on the key points or chapters.

Here’s an example prompt for a complex paragraph about how blockchain works: “ChatGPT, can you explain the following paragraph about blockchain in a way that a non-tech savvy person would understand?”

ChatGPT then simplifies the content into layman’s terms, and voilà! You now have a more digestible piece of information.

You can thank me (and ChatGPT) later!

Too Lazy; Didn’t Read: If you have a long document or a complicated subject to understand, you can break it down into smaller pieces and feed these sections to ChatGPT. The AI will summarize or simplify the content, giving you a more comprehensive understanding of the topic.

2. Chat Prompts

Next, we’re diving into another trick to squeeze the most juice out of our AI companion, ChatGPT. This one revolves around the art of ‘Chat Prompts.’ Now, I know what you’re thinking – “Robert, I give it prompts all the time, what’s new?” Stick with me, because this is about taking your prompts to the next level.

So, let’s lay it out – the more specific your prompt is, the better your results will be. You’re not just asking a question, you’re directing a scene. Set the stage with a more detailed, more vibrant, more ‘you’ prompt.

For example, if you’re interested in learning about intermittent fasting, don’t just ask, “What is intermittent fasting?” Instead, try something like, “ChatGPT, I’ve been considering changing my eating habits. Can you explain to me the basics of intermittent fasting, how it might impact my energy levels throughout the day, and any potential downsides?” See what we did there? We turned a generic question into a personal, in-depth inquiry.

And don’t stop there. Let’s say you want a story to read to your kids tonight. Instead of asking, “Can you write a short story?”, guide ChatGPT with more specific details: “ChatGPT, could you craft a short, adventure-filled bedtime story about a group of animals on a quest to find a magical waterfall in the jungle?” Boom! You’ve not only asked for a story, but you’ve set the stage, the characters, and the quest.

ChatGPT, like the genie in the lamp, is there to grant your wishes. But unlike the genie, it doesn’t limit you to just three, so make them as detailed as you want. The key takeaway? Guide your AI friend with context and watch as it brings you not just answers, but the answers that fit you best.

Too Lazy; Didn’t Read: If you want to guide ChatGPT’s responses, provide it with a more detailed prompt. The more information and context you provide, the more relevant the AI’s output will be.

3. Multi-turn Conversations

If you’ve been using ChatGPT as a one-and-done question machine, you’re missing out on a whole world of depth. It’s time to dive into the realm of ‘Multi-turn Conversations.’

This isn’t about firing off a quick question and getting an immediate response. No, this is about engaging in a back-and-forth dialogue, a dance of thoughts, if you will. It’s like playing a game of chess: each move you make is informed by the last one.

So, how does it work? When you provide ChatGPT with a response, instead of moving on to a brand new topic or question, dig a little deeper. Pull on the thread of the AI’s response and weave it into your next prompt.

For example, if you’re asking about the benefits of a keto diet and ChatGPT gives you an overview, don’t just leave it there. Delve into specifics, ask for examples, query about the difficulties. You might say, “You mentioned that a keto diet could help with weight loss. How exactly does it do that? And are there any challenges I should be aware of?”

This way, you’re turning a simple Q&A into a rich, engaging conversation. It’s like peeling an onion, layer by layer, to uncover more nuance, depth, and detail.

And remember, ChatGPT isn’t psychic. It doesn’t remember past conversations, so you need to keep the context of your discussion within the same conversation if you want it to remember details.

The key takeaway here? Think of ChatGPT not just as an answer generator, but as a conversational partner. Use the Multi-turn Conversation approach to drive deeper, more nuanced discussions. In the world of AI, context is king.

Too Lazy; Didn’t Read: If you have a long document or a complicated subject to understand, you can break it down into smaller pieces and feed these sections to ChatGPT. The AI will summarize or simplify the content, giving you a more comprehensive understanding of the topic.

4. Teaching New Concepts

well dressed tutor teaching

Do you ever wish you could have a personal tutor on hand, anytime, anywhere, to explain anything you want to learn? What if I told you that you already do? That’s right, we’re talking about our friend ChatGPT. It’s not just a trivia master, it’s also your personal teacher.

Now, I know the internet is full of information, but it’s also full of confusion. That’s where ChatGPT comes in. It can take complex concepts and simplify them, making learning easier and more accessible.

Let’s say you’re trying to understand quantum physics. Don’t just dive into a sea of jargon-filled articles. Instead, ask ChatGPT to explain it in a way that makes sense to you. You might ask, “Could you explain quantum physics in a way that a high school student could understand?” This gives ChatGPT enough context to tailor the explanation to your needs.

And don’t stop there! You can ask for an even simpler explanation if you’re still struggling. Just like how Albert Einstein once said, “If you can’t explain it to a six-year-old, you don’t understand it yourself,” you can ask ChatGPT for a “five-year-old” explanation. For instance, “ChatGPT, can you explain quantum physics like you would to a five-year-old?”

The beauty of this approach is that you can gradually build your understanding from a simple base to a more complex structure. It’s like learning to swim in the shallow end before venturing into the deep end.

So, the next time you’re grappling with a new concept, remember your AI teacher, ChatGPT. Start simple, ask questions, and before you know it, you’ll be diving into complex ideas with newfound confidence.

Too Lazy; Didn’t Read: ChatGPT can be a great tool for teaching new concepts or learning new things. If there’s a topic you want to learn about, ask the model to explain it in simple terms or even ask for a “five-year-old” explanation to make things extremely simple.

5. Brainstorming Partner

You know those moments when you’re staring at a blank screen, the cursor blinking back at you, and inspiration is nowhere to be found? Well, today, I’m here to tell you that you’ve got a secret weapon waiting in the wings, ready to jump-start your brainstorming sessions. Say hello to your new best buddy, ChatGPT.

Think of ChatGPT as your creative sidekick, an endlessly imaginative partner that’s on call 24/7. Here’s how you tap into this reservoir of creativity.

Whether you’re stuck in a rut with your novel, out of ideas for your blog, or even if you need a fresh angle on a business plan, ChatGPT is there for you. And the beauty of it? It never tires, never judges, and is always ready with a unique perspective.

Let’s say you’re working on a novel, but you’re struggling with your protagonist’s backstory. You might ask ChatGPT, “I have a character who’s a medieval knight, but I’m not sure about his past. Can you help me brainstorm some interesting backstory elements?”

Or perhaps you’re working on a new product for your start-up, but you’re hitting a wall with feature ideas. Try prompting ChatGPT with: “I’m creating a fitness tracking app aimed at senior citizens. Could you suggest some unique features that would be especially useful for this demographic?”

Too Lazy; Didn’t Read: Use ChatGPT as a brainstorming partner for creative tasks. Whether you’re writing a story, creating a business plan, or designing a product, asking the model for ideas can give you a new perspective.

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6. Language Learning

Bonjour, Hola, Ciao, Hello, fellow language enthusiasts! Whether you’re trying to parlez français, habla español, or parla italiano, did you know you’ve got a language partner at your fingertips 24/7?

Learning a new language can be a mountain to climb. Sure, you’ve got textbooks, language apps, and maybe even a class, but let’s face it, there’s no substitute for practice, especially in real-time. And that’s exactly where ChatGPT comes in.

Don’t just learn the language; speak it, write it, live it with ChatGPT. Ask the AI model questions in the language you’re learning. It’s like having a conversation with a native speaker, without any worry of judgment or embarrassment.

For instance, if you’re learning French, don’t ask, “How do I say ‘good morning’ in French?” Instead, live the language. Say, “Bonjour, ChatGPT! Comment ça va?” That’s “Good morning, ChatGPT! How’s it going?” for the non-Francophones out there.

The beauty of this approach is that it provides real-time, contextual practice. You’re not just memorizing phrases; you’re using them, understanding their nuance, and getting to grips with how they’re used in actual conversation.

Language is not just about vocabulary and grammar; it’s about communication, it’s about culture. It’s about understanding and being understood. And with ChatGPT, you’ve got a partner that’s ready to dive into this linguistic journey with you, anytime, anywhere.

So, dust off that language app, break out your favorite foreign language films, and start chatting with ChatGPT in your chosen language. Language learning has never been this accessible. À bientôt, Hasta luego, A presto, See you soon!

Too Lazy; Didn’t Read:  You can use ChatGPT to practice a new language. By asking the AI model questions in the language you’re learning, you can get real-time, contextual practice.

7. System Message Tool

Ever wished you could have ChatGPT know exactly what you wanted, how you wanted it, right from the get-go? Well, buckle up because ChatGPT’s ‘System Message Tool’ and ‘Customized Instructions’ feature are here to do just that.

First up, the System Message Tool. Picture this as your initial handshake with ChatGPT, where you lay out your expectations. You can set the behavior of the AI model at the start of the conversation, gently steering its responses to suit your needs.

For example, you might want to kick off a brainstorming session. Instead of just jumping in with a question, start with a system message like, “ChatGPT, for this conversation, please think creatively and suggest out-of-the-box ideas.” You’re setting the stage, giving the AI a sense of direction for the upcoming dialogue.

Now, let’s talk about the Customized Instructions feature. This nifty tool lets you share specific instructions with ChatGPT, tailoring the AI-chatbot’s ability to match your unique needs and preferences. And guess what? You can edit or delete these instructions at any time, making it a flexible tool to refine your interaction with the AI.

You want to know the best part? It’s super easy to set up. Just head to your settings (the 3 dots next to your name), find the ‘customized instructions’ feature under beta features, and start crafting your commands. This could be anything from “Always provide a summary after long explanations” to “Use a conversational tone.”

Remember, ChatGPT is your tool, your assistant. These features are here to help you shape your AI interaction just the way you want it. So, start exploring these settings and commands, and watch as your AI companion transforms into your personalized information ally.

Too Lazy; Didn’t Read: Use the system message functionality to set the behavior of the model at the start of the conversation. By doing this, you can guide the AI’s responses to better suit your requirements.


The 7 genius hacks to truly harness the power of ChatGPT. From language learning and teaching new concepts, to fine-tuning your interaction with system messages and custom instructions, you now have an arsenal of tools at your disposal to make this AI work for you.

Remember, the aim of the game isn’t just to use ChatGPT, but to use it well. Like any good relationship, it’s all about communication. The more specific, detailed, and context-filled your prompts, the better your AI companion will serve you.

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