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We all start as newbies – and that’s perfectly okay! This website is a place of learning, where we help you grow, uncovering the vast potential of tools like ChatGPT and Google Bard together.

So, whether you’re dipping your toes into the ChatGPT waters for the first time, or have tried it out but aren’t quite sure you’re harnessing its full power, don’t worry!

The magic of ChatGPT begins with your prompts – think of these as the instructions you give, much like how you’d ask a favor from a friend. It’s a conversation, and you’re guiding the flow.

Now, if the idea of ‘talking’ to an AI feels a bit weird, that’s totally normal!

To ease you into it, we suggest starting with these handy starter prompts. Give them a whirl, and let’s start this exciting journey together!

Try these Starter Prompts

Open your ChatGPT console here and try these below:

Getting to Know ChatGPT

“Tell me a bit about yourself.”

What this achieves

This helps you understand the capabilities of ChatGPT and sets expectations for what it can and cannot do.

Here are other starter prompts:

  • “What is ChatGPT and how does it work?”
  • “Can you tell me more about the training process of ChatGPT?”
  • “What are the main features and capabilities of ChatGPT?”

Asking for Information or Explanation

“Can you explain what the greenhouse effect is?”

What this achieves

This showcases ChatGPT’s ability to provide information in a clear and concise manner.

Here are other starter prompts:

  • “Can you explain the concept of quantum computing to me?”
  • “What are the benefits and drawbacks of renewable energy sources?”
  • “How does the immune system protect the body from infections?”

Creative Writing

“Write a short story about a cat who goes on an adventure.”

What this achieves

This allows you to see the creative writing capabilities of ChatGPT.

Here are other starter prompts:

  • “Write a short story about a mysterious key found in an old attic.”
  • “Compose a poem describing the beauty of nature during sunset.”
  • “Imagine a world where humans have the ability to communicate with animals. Describe a day in the life of someone with this gift.”


How can I reduce my carbon footprint?”

What this achieves

This demonstrates ChatGPT’s ability to provide solutions or suggestions based on a specific query.

Here are other starter prompts:

  • “How can I improve my time management skills to be more productive?”
  • “What are some effective strategies for reducing plastic waste?”
  • “Help me come up with creative solutions to encourage recycling in my community.”

Understanding Complex Concepts

“Can you simplify Einstein’s Theory of Relativity for me?”

What this achieves

This demonstrates ChatGPT’s ability to break down complex concepts into simpler, easier-to-understand terms.

Here are other starter prompts:

  • “Explain the theory of relativity in simple terms.”
  • “What is the concept of artificial neural networks and how do they work in machine learning?”
  • “Can you clarify the concept of inflation in economics and its effects on the economy?”

Learning About Historical Events

“Tell me about the events leading up to World War I.”

What this achieves

This showcases ChatGPT’s ability to provide historical information in a comprehensive and detailed manner.

Here are other starter prompts:

  • “Tell me about the causes and consequences of World War II.”
  • “Describe the significance of the Renaissance period in art and culture.”
  • “What were the key events leading to the American Revolution?”

Brainstorming Ideas

“I need ideas for a sci-fi-themed birthday party.”

What this achieves

This gives you an idea of ChatGPT’s creative thinking and brainstorming abilities.

Here are other starter prompts:

  • “Help me generate innovative ideas for a sustainable fashion startup.”
  • “Brainstorm creative ways to promote mental health awareness in schools.”
  • “What are some unique and exciting travel destinations off the beaten path?”

Exploring Different Perspectives

“What are the pros and cons of renewable energy?”

What this achieves

This helps you understand ChatGPT’s capability to present balanced viewpoints on a given topic.

Here are other starter prompts:

  • “What are the arguments for and against the use of genetically modified organisms in agriculture?”
  • “Discuss the pros and cons of implementing universal basic income.”
  • “Can you provide different viewpoints on the ethical implications of autonomous vehicles?”

Fictional Scenarios

“Imagine if dinosaurs still roamed the Earth. What would daily life look like?”

What this achieves

This showcases ChatGPT’s capacity for imaginative thinking and creativity.

Here are other starter prompts:

  • “Imagine a world where dreams can be recorded and shared. How would society be affected?”
  • “Write a dialogue between two time-travelers meeting in ancient Egypt.”
  • “Invent a superhero with an unconventional superpower and describe their origin story.”

Planning and Organization

“What are some steps to organize a successful charity event?”

What this achieves

This illustrates how ChatGPT can help with planning and organizing tasks by providing structured and detailed steps.

Here are other starter prompts:

  • “Help me create a step-by-step plan for organizing a successful charity event.”
  • “What are the key elements to consider when developing a business marketing strategy?”
  • “Assist me in outlining a structured fitness routine for beginners.”

Ready to dig deeper?

The prompts we’ve shared are just the beginning. The next step is deep dive into getting ChatGPT to help you do something. This is where it really shines.

Here’s a list of ideas of things you could use ChatGPT for. Each is a link to an easy-to-follow guide on how to prompt ChatGPT to get your desired result. Pick one that interests you and follow along.

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