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This article is actually a snippet from our ultimate guide on using ChatGPT to plan your next vacation, covering everything from A to Z. Just click here to check the full guide out.

Imagine you’re planning a trip to New York City. You’ve heard it’s an expensive city, and you want to make sure you stay within your budget. That’s where ChatGPT, your AI financial advisor, comes into play.

First, you’d want to determine your overall budget. This is the total amount you’re willing to spend on your trip, including travel, accommodation, meals, activities, and any incidental expenses.

Now let’s break it down. You could ask,

“What’s the average cost of a hotel room in New York City?”

“What’s the average cost of a meal in NYC?”

Based on the data it has been trained on, ChatGPT could give you a rough estimate of these costs, helping you plan your accommodation and food budget.

For activities, you might ask,

“How much does it cost to visit the Statue of Liberty?”

“What’s the average price of a Broadway show?”

ChatGPT can provide typical costs for these popular activities, allowing you to factor them into your budget.

Don’t forget to account for transportation costs as well. You could ask,

“How much does a metro ride cost in New York City?”

“What’s the typical cost of a taxi from JFK airport to Manhattan?”

Lastly, it’s always wise to set aside some of your budget for unexpected expenses. This could be anything from a surprise event you want to attend, to a forgotten travel essential that you need to buy.

3. Use these kinds of prompts to refine your itinerary map

Here are examples of prompts that showcase ChatGPT’s versatility:

1. You and your partner really want to splurge on your upcoming wedding anniversary. Here are two examples of prompts you could use with ChatGPT to help plan your trip:

Try something like this:

  • “My spouse and I are planning to celebrate our ten-year wedding anniversary in Paris. Our total budget is fifteen thousand dollars. Can you help us break down this budget into categories like flights, accommodation, dining, activities, and miscellaneous expenses?
  • “We’re thinking of spending our anniversary in Tokyo. Given a budget of fifteen thousand dollars, how can we allocate it to ensure a balance between luxury and unique experiences?”

2. You want to backpack through Vietnam and have a total budget of two thousand dollars.

Try something like this:

  • “I’m planning to backpack through Vietnam and my total budget is two thousand dollars. Can you suggest a rough breakdown of how I should allocate my budget for things like accommodation, food, transportation, and activities?”
  • “I want to travel from Ho Chi Minh City to Hanoi, stopping at various places along the way. With a budget of two thousand dollars, can you help me estimate how much I might spend on transport, hostels, street food, and local experiences?”

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