7 best things Bard can do that ChatGPT can’t – these are mindblowing




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If you’ve been dabbling with Google Bard in the same way that you’ve been using ChatGPT, and have been a bit underwhelmed by Bard’s language abilities then prepare to be amazed.

From reading images to OCR capabilities, Bard takes conversational AI to the next level.

Dive in as we reveal the 7 mind-blowing things Bard can do that ChatGPT simply can’t (yet).

1. Bard can identify food from an image, and give you a recipe for it

Ever been to a potluck and found yourself utterly smitten by a dish? You know, that one dessert that makes you go, “Whoa, what is this heavenly creation?” You snap a pic, but then what?

Malva pudding Google Bard

Upload it to Google Bard using the plus icon next to the Chat input box, and then…

Prompt Google Bard with something like:

“My colleague gave me this dessert. Can you identify it? And, please share a recipe for me to make it.”

Google Bard doesn’t just tell you it’s “Malva Pudding”; it gives you a step-by-step guide to recreate that delicious treat.

Malva pudding Google Bard

TIP: Just make sure you don’t have any humans in the photo – otherwise Bard will not process the image.

TIP: If you upload a high-res image of the items in your fridge, Bard can give you recipes from your own items. It has to be a good-quality image, otherwise, Bard may have some trouble identifying everything.

2. Bard can identify an object from an image, and teach you how to make it

Ever walked by your neighbor’s yard and spotted something that made you stop dead in your tracks? No, not their overgrown hedge that’s a neighborhood eyesore. I’m talking about that adorable birdhouse hanging from the tree.

And, all of a sudden you have that urge to make one for your own yard.

This obviously works for items Instagram pictures influencers are sharing too (because who really walks outside without scrolling on their phone?).

birdhouse bard

Prompt Google Bard with something like:

“Spotted this birdhouse at my neighbor’s. How can I make one?”

And Google Bard picks it up. It’s not just identifying that it’s a “Cedar Chalet Birdhouse with a Pine-shingled Roof” etc. (yeah, birds have real estate preferences too); it’s handing you a DIY blueprint

3. Bard can identify an object from an image, and tell you where you can buy it

Now, while Google already had this feature, with Bard you can now also ask follow-up questions.

So, imagine you spotted something you must have (dress, jewelry, birdhouse etc.) and wondered where you could buy it. Snap a picture (or save it) and then…

Prompt Google Bard with something like (and add your image):

“Can you tell me where I could buy this:”

And Google Bard will give you some guidance.

running shoe bard

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4. Improve your Midjourney / Dall-e prompt

Prompting Midjourney to get the image you need is a different type of challenge.

Sometimes, your descriptions don’t get exactly what you need. Take this example:

“A puppy in the sunshine. two kittens on either side of it, trying to get its attention.”

Prompt Google Bard with something like (and upload your image):

I used the prompt “a puppy in the sunshine. two kittens on either side of it, trying to get its attention.” for a Midjourney image generator prompt, and got this image. Can you help me improve this prompt to get what I need?

Google Bard will then share some advice and a revised prompt suggestion. Bear in mind our earlier point that Bard will not process human images.

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5. OCR feature to read text from your images

Google Bard’s OCR feature allows you to upload an image with text, the image of a typed document, or even a receipt, and ask it to process the information for you.

Prompt Google Bard with something like (and add your image):

“Use OCR to read the following receipt, and put the details into a table for me”

Twitter user @minchoi shared a great tip on how he used Bard to summarize several receipts into an expense report.

TIP: Using Google Bard on your phone lets you take pictures directly from the chat input box.

TIP: Verify the data afterwards. Google Bard will hallucinate words it can’t properly recognize.

receipts - google bard

Surprisingly, we couldn’t get Google Bard to read handwritten text. It kept saying the image was too low quality, even when we used high-resolution versions from stock photography sites.

What makes this more mind-boggling is that the Google Keep app has the best free OCR reader we have ever used. And, we have personally used it to convert a notebook of handwritten scrawls into typed text. So, we’re not sure why that technology wasn’t incorporated into Bard.

6. OCR feature to read your test questions and provide answers

This next use highlights the dangers for teachers. If you snap a picture of the test questionnaire, you can ask Google Bard to provide an answer.

Prompt Google Bard with something like (and upload your image):

“Can you solve question 1 of the below test paper. Show your working out.”

Google Bard will then provide the solution.

math answer google bard

7. Use Bard as a code assistant – there is a trick to this

OK, ChatGPT can do this one, we know. But we uncovered that Bard can too (if you use this trick).

If you ask Google Bard to code you something from scratch, there is a high chance that its output will be strewn with some bugs. But, if you ask Bard to review, analyze, and suggest improvements to code that you have already written – then prepare for a whole new side of Bard.

So, we catch here is that Bard can help you be a better coder – only if you know a fair deal of coding yourself.

desk with ai tech


So, there you have it – 7 game-changing features that set Bard apart from ChatGPT. Whether it’s the ability to read images or its advanced OCR capabilities, Bard is clearly more than just a chatbot. It’s a multifaceted tool designed to make your life easier and more interesting. I

If you’ve been on the fence about giving Bard a try (or being using it like another CHatGPT), then we hope this list was useful.

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