10 Funny Ways Only Joe Biden Fans Can Use ChatGPT




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Ever wondered how to make the most of your admiration for the 46th president using ChatGPT? Look no further. We’ve got you covered with a mix of Delaware-sized humor, snark, and a dash of policy. Let’s dive in!

This article is intended to be a light-hearted, humorous take on some widely recognized stereotypes. It’s all in good fun and is meant to bring a smile to your face, rather than offend or stereotype any individual or country.

If humor is not your thing, skip this article – and check out our serious ChatGPT guides here.

1. Sunglasses Style Consultation

You know those iconic aviators Biden rocks? Let ChatGPT help you find your own signature style!

“ChatGPT, which sunglasses will make me look as cool as Joe Biden?”

2. Amtrak Adventure Planning

Plan your very own Biden-inspired train journey, all while reminiscing about Joe’s daily commutes from Delaware to D.C.

“ChatGPT, plan a scenic train journey reminiscent of Joe Biden’s Amtrak rides.”

3. Ice Cream Flavor Finder

We’ve all seen those pics of Joe enjoying an ice cream cone. ChatGPT can recommend a flavor for you based on your mood!

“ChatGPT, what ice cream flavor should I try today to channel my inner Biden?”

4. Malarkey Detector

Not sure if something’s a big deal or just a bunch of malarkey? Let ChatGPT weigh in!

“ChatGPT, is this claim about [insert topic] a big deal or just malarkey?”

5. Biden Meme Generator

Need a meme of Joe for your next tweet or group chat? Describe the situation and ChatGPT will craft a meme-worthy caption!

“ChatGPT, give me a funny caption for a Joe Biden meme about climate change.”

6. Corn Pop Chronicles

Dive deeper into the legendary tale of Corn Pop and the pool incident. Get ChatGPT’s dramatized version!

“ChatGPT, tell me a dramatic rendition of the Joe Biden Corn Pop story.”

7. Build Back Better Brainstorm

Need a policy refresher? ChatGPT can simplify Biden’s plans for you in a cheeky way.

“ChatGPT, explain the Build Back Better plan using only slang terms.”

8. Whispered Wisdom

Ever noticed Biden’s use of the intense, whispered emphasis as a persuasive technique on certain topics? Get advice on any topic “Biden Whisper Style”.

“ChatGPT, give me advice on [insert topic] in a Joe Biden whisper.”

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9. Doggo Diplomacy

Major, Champ (may he rest in peace) and Commander have captured our hearts. ChatGPT can help craft a diplomatic letter to your neighbor’s dog.

“ChatGPT, write a diplomatic letter to my neighbor’s dog, inspired by Major Biden.”

10. Scranton Scavenger Hunt

Experience Joe’s hometown in a fun way! Get a list of must-see places and activities in Scranton.

“ChatGPT, create a Scranton scavenger hunt inspired by Joe Biden’s life.”

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