15 Easy Ways to Make Money with AI images from DALL-E or Midjourney




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Artificial intelligence (AI) has become an increasingly prevalent force in various industries, including the world of art and imagery. Midjourney and DALL·E 3 are pioneers in this field, leveraging AI technology to push the boundaries of artistic expression.

If you’re looking to generate income through AI art, there are numerous avenues you can explore. In this article, we will dive into 15 ways to make money with AI images and art from Midjourney and DALL·E 3 (which can be used inside ChatGPT 4).

1. Personalized Digital Art Selling

Category: Digital Art

By using DALL·E or Midjourney, artists can venture into the world of personalized digital art. Create bespoke art pieces by inputting unique prompts that mirror your clients’ visions. The versatility and customization DALL·E and Midjourney provides can help you cater to a diverse clientele, from individuals seeking personalized digital decor to companies in need of specific imagery.

Beginner-Level Prompts:

“Generate a surreal cityscape with floating islands.”

“Create an alien creature living in a tropical forest.”

Intermediate-Level Prompts:

“Construct an intricate, multi-dimensional landscape that intertwines elements from the four seasons, showcasing a harmonious blend of spring blossoms, summer beaches, autumn forests, and winter wonderlands, with a subtle inclusion of mythical creatures interacting with the environment in ways that reflect the temporal shifts, all rendered in a hyper-realistic style that blurs the line between digital art and reality.”

2. Customized Merchandise Design

Category: Merchandising

With DALL·E or Midjourney, you can take merchandise design to the next level. Use the model to create exclusive designs for t-shirts, mugs, posters, and more. These unique items could be a big hit in niche markets where customers are always looking for the next unique product.

Beginner-Level Prompts:

“Design a cute dinosaur sipping coffee on a bright summer day.”

“Craft a mystical mermaid reading a book under the sea.”

Intermediate-Level Prompts:

“Develop a series of interconnected designs that tell a story across multiple pieces of merchandise, including t-shirts, mugs, and posters. Each design should feature an evolving narrative element, such as a phoenix’s life cycle from ashes to majestic flight, rendered in a vibrant, dynamic art style that incorporates both traditional and futuristic artistic elements, creating a visually stunning collection that appeals to a broad audience.”

3. NFT Creation

Category: Cryptocurrency & Art

The world of NFTs has exploded in popularity. Midjourney or DALL·E’s ability to create unique, never-before-seen images makes it an excellent tool for crafting distinctive digital assets that can be minted as NFTs. This can be a lucrative venture in the booming crypto-art market.

Beginner-Level Prompts:

“Generate an image of a galaxy exploding with color.”

 “Design a fantastical dragon with scales of emerald and sapphire.”

Intermediate-Level Prompts:

“Craft a visually captivating, animated NFT that represents the concept of ‘digital metamorphosis,’ illustrating an ethereal creature evolving through various stages of digital and organic elements. The animation should seamlessly blend aesthetics from different art movements, including Art Nouveau, Cyberpunk, and Surrealism, creating a mesmerizing loop that symbolizes the endless possibilities of digital creation and transformation.”

4. Design Consultancy

Category: Consultation Services

Leverage Midjourney or DALL·E’s prowess to offer design consultancy services. Whether it’s architecture, fashion, product, or interior design, DALL·E can bring ideas to life, providing an innovative approach to visualization and concept development.

Beginner-Level Prompts:

“Design a futuristic house blending nature and technology.”

“Generate an image of a high-tech sneaker inspired by space exploration.”

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Intermediate-Level Prompts:

Visualize a cutting-edge, sustainable living environment that integrates advanced bio-architectural technologies with traditional living spaces, featuring self-sustaining energy systems, vertical gardens, and water purification mechanisms. This futuristic habitat should be designed with a focus on harmony between technology and nature, showcasing how future societies might live in balance with the environment, all while maintaining a luxurious aesthetic.”

5. Content Creation for Social Media

Category: Social Media Marketing

In the realm of social media, content is king, and visuals play a key role. DALL·E or Midjourney can help generate engaging, unique images for posts, enhancing the aesthetic of any social media page. This could be a valuable service for influencers, brands, or businesses looking to amplify their online presence.

Beginner-Level Prompts:

“Generate an image of a healthy summer salad in a tropical setting.”

“Design a minimalistic home office setup with a pastel color scheme.”

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6. Educational Material Illustration

Category: Education & Publishing

Transforming abstract concepts into comprehensible visuals is a powerful educational tool. DALL·E or Midjourney can be used to illustrate textbooks, e-learning resources, or other educational content, making learning more engaging and enjoyable.

Beginner-Level Prompts:

“Generate an image of the water cycle in a lush forest.”

“Design an illustration showing the photosynthesis process.”

Intermediate-Level Prompts:

“Produce a detailed, interactive 3D model that illustrates the complex process of human evolution, from the earliest hominids to modern humans, highlighting key adaptations and milestones in a timeline format. This model should include interactive elements that allow viewers to explore different traits and environmental changes that influenced human evolution, making the concept accessible and engaging for learners of all ages.”

7. Video Game Concept Art

Category: Gaming

Developing video games involves creating immersive worlds and characters. DALL·E can help in generating unique concept art, providing a springboard for game designers and saving countless hours of brainstorming.

Beginner-Level Prompts:

“Design a post-apocalyptic cityscape filled with nature.”

“Create a mythical creature adapted to arctic conditions.”

Intermediate-Level Prompts:

“Envision a deeply immersive, open-world RPG setting that combines elements from advanced alien technologies with ancient Earth civilizations. The concept art should include detailed environments, characters, and artifacts that reflect this blend, offering glimpses into the game’s lore, such as alien ruins that have influenced the development of human history, and hybrid technologies. The art should serve as a foundation for a narrative that explores themes of discovery, conflict, and unity across cultures and species.”

8. Augmented Reality Experiences

Category: Technology & Entertainment

AR experiences rely heavily on visual elements. DALL·E or Midjourney can generate unique visuals that can be integrated into AR applications, providing a new level of personalization for users and a competitive edge for creators.

Beginner-Level Prompts:

“Generate a group of friendly aliens for a kids’ AR story.”

“Design an underwater city for an AR exploration game.”

Intermediate-Level Prompts:

“Craft a captivating AR experience that brings to life a mythical forest at twilight, populated with luminescent creatures and ancient, wisdom-bearing trees. This environment should interact with the real world, allowing users to uncover hidden stories and secrets as they explore their surroundings, merging digital fantasy with physical reality in a seamless and engaging manner.”

9. Stock Image Platform

Category: Photography & Marketing

Stock images can often lack originality. With DALL·E or Midjourney, create an online platform offering unique and customizable AI-generated images. This service could cater to marketers, designers, and bloggers who are in constant need of fresh visuals.

Beginner-Level Prompts:

“Design a busy urban scene at sunset.”

“Generate an image of a tranquil rural landscape.”

Intermediate-Level Prompts:

“Generate a dynamic, ultra-high-resolution image depicting an aerial view of a futuristic smart city at dawn, highlighting the harmonious blend of nature and technology with solar panels, green roofs, and autonomous vehicles seamlessly integrated into urban architecture. This image should offer customizable elements such as weather conditions, building styles, and time of day to fit various marketing and design needs.”

10. Graphic Novels and Comic Books

Category: Publishing & Entertainment

Creating graphic novels and comic books can be time-consuming due to the intricacy of illustrations. Using DALL·E or Midjourney, artists and writers can collaborate to streamline the visualization process, generating unique scenes and characters.

Beginner-Level Prompts:

“Create a cyberpunk city skyline at night.”

“Generate an image of a superhero with the ability to control plants.”

Intermediate-Level Prompts:

“Design a dramatic, high-tension scene set in a dystopian future where humans and AI coexist, focusing on a pivotal moment of confrontation between the protagonist, a rogue AI with a conscience, and the antagonist, a human zealot against AI integration. The artwork should convey intense emotion and detail, suitable for a double-page spread, with a style that combines noir elements with vibrant neon accents.”

11. Album Cover Design

Category: Music Industry

Breathe new life into the realm of album cover design using DALL·E or Midjourney. Whether for individual musicians, bands, or music labels, the model can generate unique, expressive imagery that reflects the mood or theme of the music.

Beginner-Level Prompts:

“Design a vibrant, psychedelic album cover for a rock band.”

“Generate a serene, minimalist cover for a meditation album.”

Intermediate-Level Prompts:

“Create an abstract, deeply emotive album cover that visualizes the concept of ‘echoes through time,’ using a palette of shifting colors and forms that suggest both the past and future. This design should evoke a sense of nostalgia and futurism, appealing to listeners with its visual metaphor for the cyclical nature of music and memories.”

12. Event Promotion Material

Category: Event Management

Use DALL·E or Midjourney to generate appealing visual content for event promotions, such as music festivals, art exhibitions, or corporate events. Unique posters or online banners can attract more attention and elevate the event’s aesthetic appeal.

Beginner-Level Prompts:

“Create a poster for a futuristic technology conference.”

“Generate a banner for a whimsical summer fair.”

Intermediate-Level Prompts:

“Visualize a captivating digital poster for an international virtual reality art festival, blending elements of digital art, virtual reality, and global cultures in a visually stunning composition. The design should highlight the immersive and boundary-pushing nature of the festival, incorporating futuristic fonts and interactive elements that engage viewers and encourage participation.”

13. Advertising Agency

Category: Marketing

Establish an innovative advertising agency that uses DALL·E or Midjourney to create original and attention-grabbing visuals for clients’ marketing campaigns. Differentiate your agency by offering a unique blend of AI and human creativity.

Beginner-Level Prompts:

“Design an advertisement for an eco-friendly travel company.”

“Generate a poster for a new fantasy-themed amusement park.”

Intermediate-Level Prompts:

“Design a cutting-edge, visually striking advertisement for a revolutionary sustainable energy solution, incorporating futuristic cityscapes powered entirely by clean energy. The ad should feature interactive elements that highlight the benefits and technological advancements of the product, engaging viewers and encouraging them to envision a cleaner, more sustainable future.”

14. Book Cover Design

Category: Publishing

DALL·E or Midjourney can also be a valuable asset in the world of publishing. Authors and publishers could benefit from the AI’s ability to generate engaging book covers that capture the essence of a story, helping to attract potential readers.

Beginner-Level Prompts:

“Create a book cover for a noir detective novel.”

“Generate a cover for a children’s book about space exploration.”

Intermediate-Level Prompts:

“Generate a captivating book cover for an epic fantasy novel, featuring an intricate, embossed golden dragon wrapped around a mysterious, glowing artifact against a backdrop of a starlit night sky. The design should intrigue and allure potential readers, promising a journey filled with adventure, magic, and the eternal struggle between light and darkness.”

15. Customizable Greeting Cards

Category: Retail

Start a business creating unique, customizable greeting cards using DALL·E or Midjourney. Customers can provide a description of the design they want, and DALL·E or Midjourney will bring it to life. This adds a personal touch to the cards that store-bought versions often lack.

Beginner-Level Prompts:

“Design a birthday card with dancing cupcakes.”

“Generate a holiday card featuring a cozy snow-covered cabin.”

Intermediate-Level Prompts:

“Create an intricate, customizable greeting card design featuring a magical winter village that comes to life when the card is opened, with interactive, pop-up elements like skating figures, twinkling lights, and a music box melody. This design should allow for personal messages to be integrated into the village’s signage, offering a truly personal and enchanting experience to recipients.”


The intersection of technology and imagination opens up endless possibilities, turning the virtual world into a canvas for your entrepreneurial spirit.

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