How to Recognize a Prompt Engineer on a Dating App




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Swipe left. Swipe right. Then, there it is. A bio that’s so meticulously crafted, it’s got more structure than a well-built neural network. Could this be… a ChatGPT prompt engineer in the wild world of dating? For those in the know, the signs are unmistakable. For the uninitiated, fear not! We’re here to guide you through the playful nuances and quirks of spotting these digital Cupids. Let’s get swiping!

Precision Prowess

Their bio specifies “Looking for someone within a 98.5% compatibility range based on historical preferences.” Anything less than that? Nah.

Swipe Tip: Ask, “On a scale of 1-10, how specific are you?”

Token Treasure

Their photos don’t just show their face but also a barcode tattoo, which they claim is just “for max token optimization”.

Swipe Tip: Comment, “Is that barcode for real, or are you just maximizing your character count?”

Temperature Talks

Instead of saying they’re “chill,” they prefer saying their temperature setting is 0.7, indicating a nice balance of surprise and predictability.

Swipe Tip: Drop a line like, “How about we raise the temperature on our conversation?”

Model Mention

Their anthem? Not a song, but rather the phrase, “I prefer the GPT-3.5 model with fine-tuning.”

Swipe Tip: Groove to the beat by asking, “Is that on Spotify’s top hits?”

Deep Dive Details

They have a separate FAQ section, so every potential match understands the intricacies of prompt designing.

Swipe Tip: Pop the question, “FAQs on a bio? How frequently do you get asked these, really?”

Exquisite Emojis

Instead of hearts and smileys, expect a variety of computer and brain emojis – it’s all about cognitive calibration!

Swipe Tip: Emoji flirt back with a mix of hearts, brains, and laptops.

Rapid Response

They reply faster than an overfitted AI model, every single time.

Swipe Tip: Challenge them with, “Bet my human brain can reply faster!”

Layered Love

Their idea of opening up isn’t about past relationships but explaining the different layers of neural networks.

Swipe Tip: Swoon them with, “Let’s dive deep… into deep learning.”

Futuristic Flirts

They don’t ask for star signs but rather which version of ChatGPT you’d be. “Are you a GPT-2 or more of a GPT-4 in relationships?”

Swipe Tip: Respond cheekily with, “I’m more of a GPT-now. How about a coffee?”

Jargon Jokes

Expect puns like, “Are we a match? Or should I adjust my parameters?”

Swipe Tip: Keep the banter going with, “Maybe just a little fine-tuning, and we’re golden.”


So, the next time you’re looking for love (or a good tech talk) in the virtual world, keep your eyes peeled for these tell-tale signs. Who knows, maybe your next date might just be a delightful deep dive into the world of prompts and parameters!

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