10 Reasons NOT to Date a ChatGPT Prompt Engineer




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So, you’ve found someone who proudly flaunts their title as a “ChatGPT Prompt Engineer”? Before you go diving deep into their algorithmic abyss, let’s debug a few reasons why you might want to Ctrl+Z that decision. 😉

1. Infinite Loops:

They’ll never answer a question directly. Instead, they’ll respond with another carefully designed question. Date night decisions? Prepare for an endless loop of “But what do YOU want to eat?”

2. Token Limitations:

They’re always counting tokens (words), ensuring every statement is efficient and concise. Romantic letters? More like romantic bullet points.

3. Over-Analyzing Everything:

“Did you notice how the waiter phrased that question? I would have re-prompted for clarity.” Ah, the joys of dinner conversation.

4. Constant Experimentation:

Why have a regular conversation when you can have five variations of it to see which one is most effective?

5. Adjusting Your Temperature:

You thought mood swings were a challenge? Try handling someone who adjusts their ‘temperature’ setting for randomness. Predictable date nights? Not a chance.

6. Prompt Dependency:

They need clear instructions for everything. “Could you be more specific about how you want your coffee?”

7. Debugging Dates:

Your date night might turn into a session of them explaining why the movie plot was poorly engineered and how it could’ve been optimized for better outcomes.

8. Always in Beta:

Just when you think you’ve figured them out, they’re onto a new version of themselves.

9. Tuning Into Others:

At parties, they’ll be the ones observing and analyzing how people ask questions instead of enjoying the conversation.

10. Never Enough Context:

They’ll always crave more context before making a decision. “Before we decide on a vacation spot, can you provide more context about the climate, activities, local AI conventions…?”


In all seriousness though, while our playful jabs might make you think twice, remember: beneath all those prompts and algorithms, they’ve got a heart of (machine learning) gold!

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