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AI writing software

Artificial Intelligence is transforming the way we approach writing, helping us save time, improve creativity, and perfect our content.

But with a plethora of options available, how do you choose the best AI writing tool for your needs?

In this guide, we’ll be discussing the top 10 best AI writing software right now, providing you with insights into each of them.

When you evaluate an AI writing tool it is important to consider factors like ease of use, cost, integration capabilities, and the unique features each software offers.

Lastly, we’ve included some affiliate product links in this review! If you decide to click on one and make a purchase, we might earn a small commission. But don’t worry, it won’t cost you any extra and it’s a great way to show some love for our site at the same time! is an AI writing software targeting sales and marketing teams but it can be used by anyone. It streamlines content creation processes by giving you a simple form templates to fill out instead of relying on you to devise a prompt. is versatile. It supports long and short-form content. It offers numerous templates, like social media content, product descriptions, blogs, and cover letters. Students can use it for essay outlines.

Some of the best features can be viewed by clicking on the links below:

The platform generates targeted sales copy. It addresses customer pain points and needs. This leads to better customer engagement.

The software also helps creates thought leadership content.

Click to visit the Website

We’ve added in the Top 10 because… offers a high degree of versatility for various content needs, catering to professionals and students alike.

Its focus on targeted sales copy and thought leadership content makes it an invaluable tool for sales and marketing teams aiming to improve their go-to-market strategies and customer engagement.

Copy Shark

Copy Shark is an innovative Ai copywriting software. It creates Facebook and Google ad copy efficiently. It works like a team of writers, producing limitless ad copy quickly. With its 1-click interface, users can make hundreds of landing pages in minutes.

This software is powerful and user-friendly. Copy Shark delivers 10x smarter copy with just a few clicks. It is an ideal creative writing tool and superior to other options.

CopyShark AI is a robust and versatile technology with many applications. It benefits business owners and various professionals. Content writers, bloggers, journalists, freelancers, and creative writers can find it valuable.

CopyShark AI helps overcome writer’s block. Although it doesn’t create finished pieces, it generates headlines, introductions, and paragraphs. Users can edit and add personal touches, enabling faster writing. For professional writers, Copy Shark is an essential companion.

The software offers over 50 tools in one package. Users can create Amazon product details, YouTube scripts, and more. It features a simple UI and a clean website.

Click to visit the CopyShark Website

Best Features:

  • AI driven technology: Efficiently generates ad copy for Facebook and Google
  • 1-click interface: Quickly creates hundreds of landing pages in minutes
  • Versatile tools: Offers over 50 tools for various content creation tasks
  • User-friendly design: Simple UI and clean website for easy navigation

We’ve added Copy Shark in the Top 10 because…

Copy Shark is user-friendly. Whether you’re a content writer, blogger, journalist, freelancer, or creative writer, Copy Shark’s AI can help you overcome writer’s block and craft memorable headlines, introductions, and paragraphs faster. Plus, with over 50 tools in one package, it’s perfect for a variety of content creation tasks.

AI writing software


Anyword is an AI copywriting tool designed to help creators produce automated content for their posts.

Its main objective is to increase traffic and user engagement, enhancing online presence and marketing strategies.

Anyword also checks spelling and grammar, ensuring clear and concise content for efficient engagement.

Users typically utilize Anyword for ad copy, blog posts, articles, and short or long-form stories. This AI tool assists creators in refining their writing while generating automated content. It simplifies content creation, allowing users to focus on other aspects of their business.

Anyword employs AI software to produce content, aiming to boost conversion rates by analyzing user input and generating related results. It evaluates previous data, checks for plagiarism and clarity, among other factors.

Click to visit the Anyword Website

Best Features:

  • Original Content Suggestions
  • Plagiarism and Content Checker
  • AIDA Score Checker
  • Ad Copy Feature
  • Blog Project Feature

We’ve added Anyword here because…

We recommend Anyword because it’s a useful AI tool for busy creators who need assistance in generating high-quality content while managing other aspects of their business.

With its AI-driven features, grammar checks, and user-friendly dashboard, Anyword can help you craft engaging content that boosts your online presence and conversion rates.

Jasper is an advanced AI writing software. It helps create engaging content for various platforms and formats. The AI model serves businesses, marketers, bloggers, and content creators.

A great feature of Jasper is that the AI-powered workflows let writers edit text without leaving the software. This feature increases productivity and saves time.’s other strength is its automated tools. They use AI technology for grammar checking, sentence rephrasing, and topic ideas. The advanced technology creates coherent, grammatically correct content tailored to users’ needs. can craft social media posts, tweets, blog posts, and more. The software adapts to different writing styles, tones, and voices, customizing output to users’ requirements. is an ideal AI writing tool for writers and businesses.

Best Features:

  • Automated Tools: include grammar checkers, sentence rephrases, and topic generators.
  • Customization: can quickly adapt to different writing styles and tones.
  • Workflow Integration: integrates seamlessly with various workflows, allowing users to edit their text without exiting their timelines.
  • Multiple Formats: including social media posts, tweets, blog posts, and more.

We’ve added in the Top 10 because… is a fantastic AI writing software that makes content creation a breeze.

It’s perfect for businesses, marketers, bloggers, and content creators who need engaging content for various platforms and formats.

With its AI-powered workflows and AI technology, ensures you have a smooth writing experience, grammar checks, sentence rephrasing, and even topic ideas.


Inkforall is an AI-powered writing software that aids companies with their content marketing efforts. It offers solutions for managing content marketing strategies, including keyword analysis, content calendar planning, and various content creation templates.

Using Inkforall, users can create blog posts fast and receive SEO keyword recommendations while crafting content. This enhances search engine optimization, making it easier for users to discover the material.

Inkforall’s features cover website writing, social media posts, email marketing campaigns, and product descriptions.

INKforall streamlines content creation, making it easier and faster for writers and teams to produce organic content with better ideas and fewer mistakes.

The optimization AI helps increase the potential of ranking on Google.

Inkforall offers a free trial via the link below.

Click to visit the Inkforall Website

Best Features:

  • Inkforall SEO Optimization
  • Content Manager
  • Blog post creation
  • Ecommerce templates
  • Education templates

We’ve added Inkforall to the Top 10 because…

We recommend Inkforall because it’s an AI-powered platform that can transform the way you manage your content marketing efforts.

With its range of features and focus on creating meaningful connections with your target audience, it helps you save time and optimize your content effectively.


Scalenut is a platform that uses AI-powered topic research and development to help users create high-ranking content.

Scalenut’s SEO Assistant and AI Copywriter enhance SEO and automates content creation.

It provides keyword planning, NLP-powered topic research, AI writing, content optimization, and publishing in one app.

Businesses can create and optimize content at scale, then quickly and easily publish it to various channels.

Key Features:

  • SEO-Focused Content Outlines
  • AI Copywriting
  • Long-Form Content Creation
  • Create Compelling Product Descriptions
  • Helps Write in Real-Time

We’ve added Scalenut to the Top 10 because…

We recommend Scalenut because it combines advanced AI SEO capabilities.

With Scalenut, you can save time and effort while producing engaging content that drives organic traffic and supports your business objectives.


Neuraltext is an AI-powered platform that covers the entire content process from ideation to execution.

It functions as an AI copywriter, SEO content tool, and keyword research tool.

With over 50 ready-to-use templates, Neuraltext enables users to create effective copy for various campaigns.

The platform’s SEO content tools help generate well-researched content using data from top-ranking Google pages. By inputting a keyword, the tool automatically extracts relevant data, including suggested keywords, topics, questions, and statistics. This allows users to create outlines and content briefs quickly and efficiently, saving time on manual research.

Additionally, Neuraltext’s keyword research tool assists users in discovering long-tail keywords with strong commercial intent, helping to target potential customers ready to convert.

The platform is suitable for SEO, digital marketing, advertising, and copywriting agencies, freelancers, and small entrepreneurs, providing AI tools to automate content ideation, creation, and optimization workflows.

Best Features:

  • Keyword Clustering
  • Keyword Research
  • Content Briefs
  • Competitor content.
  • SERP widgets
  • SERP intents

We’ve added Neuraltext to the Top 10 because…

We recommend Neuraltext because it streamlines the content creation process by harnessing AI writing power and offering valuable insights from search engines.

Its versatile tools cater to a range of industries and users, making it an excellent choice for those looking to improve their content strategy and save time on research and development.


Writesonic is an AI-driven content creation platform that uses deep learning to write content for a variety of industries.

Users can customize their experience by selecting their desired industry and categories. The platform generates a wide range of content types, including blogs, e-books, white papers, sales letters, and case studies.

The platform is user-friendly, allowing users to create projects by adding a title, selecting a template and theme, and inputting keyword phrases. From there, users can structure their content and decide how each segment flows into the next.

Publishing content is as simple as clicking “Add Content,” filling in the title, description, and keyword boxes, and hitting “Publish.” If the generated content’s tone isn’t suitable, the Content Rephraser feature can be used to request a different tone, such as professional, dramatic, or persuasive.

Click to visit the Writesonic Website

Best Features:

  • Customizable experience: Allows users to select their desired industry and categories for tailored content generation.
  • User-friendly interface: Easy-to-use platform for creating, structuring, and publishing content.
  • Content Rephraser: Adjusts the tone of generated content to better suit the user’s needs, offering options like professional, dramatic, or persuasive.

We’ve added Writesonic to the Top 10 because…

We recommend Writesonic for its advanced AI capabilities, user-friendly interface, and versatility in content generation.

The platform streamlines the content creation process, allowing users to focus on other aspects of their business.

AI writing software


Sudowrite is an AI-driven novel writing assistant designed to enhance the creative writing process. It offers a range of features, such as brainstorming character and plot ideas, rewriting story sections with different tones, and providing vocabulary suggestions.

Developed by writers, Sudowrite has unique writing tools that cater to the specific needs of both fiction and non-fiction authors, making it a popular choice among writers.

Some of the key features of Sudowrite include First Draft, Expand, Rewrite, Describe, Brainstorming, Summarize, BetaReader, Character Generator, Twist, and Poetry Tool.

These tools offer various functionalities to support and streamline the writing process, allowing authors to focus more on their creative work.

Best Features:

  • Specializes in creative and novel writing

We’ve added Sudowirte to the Top 10 because…

We recommend Sudowrite due to its comprehensive set of features tailored for writers, assisting them in every stage of the creative writing process.

It’s user-friendly interface and specialized tools make it a valuable addition to any writer’s toolbox.


Rytr is an AI-driven writing platform with a broad range of applications, making it a versatile tool for marketers.

It offers copywriting frameworks, blog writing templates, and product description use cases. Rytr streamlines the content creation process.

This platform allows users to generate content across various industries, such as marketing and eCommerce, using a user-friendly interface.

Rytr Chat enables writers to use prompt-based commands to create specific content, easily integrated into the long-form editor.

As a comprehensive AI writing tool, Rytr can be used for website copywriting, marketing and sales copy, blog posts, and more through a straightforward online portal.

Click to visit the Rytr Website

Best Features:

  • AI-generated content with support for over 30 languages
  • 40+ templates and use cases that eliminate the need for writing detailed prompts
  • Easy-to-use interface with a long-form editor and dark mode
  • Chrome extension that brings the power of AI to your favorite apps like the WordPress editor and emails

We’ve added Rytr to the Top 10 because…

We recommend Rytr for its versatility, user-friendly interface, and AI-driven content generation capabilities. It helps users overcome writer’s block and efficiently create catchy, original, and high-converting content in popular tones and languages.

Tips for using AI content writer software and tools

Be specific with your instructions: AI writers work best when they have clear and precise instructions. Make sure you provide enough context and detail so the AI can generate content that matches your expectations.

Experiment with different tones and styles: Most AI writing tools offer various tones and styles for your content. Don’t hesitate to play around with these options to see which one suits your needs best. You might be surprised by the versatility of the AI!

Edit and refine the generated content: Although AI writers are impressive, they might not always produce perfect content on the first try. Take the time to review and edit the output to ensure it aligns with your desired message and tone.

Use AI-generated content as a starting point: AI writers are great for generating ideas and getting started on a piece of content. You can use the AI’s suggestions as a foundation, and then build upon it to create a more personalized and engaging piece.

Leverage AI for repetitive tasks: If you find yourself constantly writing similar content, like product descriptions or social media captions, AI writing tools can be a real time-saver. Let the AI handle the repetitive tasks, so you can focus on more strategic and creative aspects of your work.

Remember the limitations: While AI writers have come a long way, they still have their limitations. Be aware that complex topics or highly specialized content might require more human input and expertise.

Combine AI with human creativity: AI writers are a fantastic tool, but they’re not a replacement for human creativity. Use the AI to enhance your writing process, but remember that your unique perspective and expertise are still invaluable.

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