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What we’re all about?

We’re all about introducing you to ChatGPT — your soon-to-be best bud. We’re here to show you how this friendly AI can swoop in and save the day, giving you the gift of time to do what you love.

We get it, your social media feeds might be bursting at the seams with a never-ending stream of prompts and those big, intimidating technical terms.

No worries! We’ve got your back. Our guides are crafted with a touch of warmth and simplicity, making them a breeze to follow.

So, come on in, and let’s explore the wonderful world of ChatGPT together! Click here to access all our guides.

Don’t know who ChatGPT is yet? No worries, read on…

Hang on, who is this ChatGPT you speak of?

ChatGPT is like having a brilliant, creative friend who’s always ready to chat, brainstorm, or help you out with a wide range of tasks—from whipping up a captivating story to offering a helping hand with your homework or work projects.

Why do I even need a ChatGPT?

Picture this: it’s like choosing a powerful vacuum to effortlessly clean every nook and cranny over an old-fashioned broom, or opting for the lightning-fast convenience of texting over sending letters through snail mail. Or like savoring a steaming cup of coffee, brewed to perfection by a sleek machine, instead of laboriously grinding beans with a rustic stone grinder.

You see, AI and ChatGPT aren’t lurking in the shadows to snatch away jobs.

Their true purpose is to be your trusty sidekick, boosting your efficiency at tackling tasks — especially those pesky ones you’d rather avoid.

The result? More precious time to make unforgettable memories with your loved ones and bask in the activities that make your heart sing!

Where can I meet ChatGPT?

You can meet ChatGPT here. You will have to sign up to use it. But, once you’ve created an account it is free to use. There is a paid version too – that offers access to the latest version of the AI.

How do I talk to ChatGPT or get it to do things for me?

To start a conversation, all you need to do is send a “prompt”—that’s like asking a question or giving an idea for your AI friend to respond to.

What types of prompts should you use? Well, that’s what this website is all about! Click here to access all our guides. You will find tonnes of ideas about things that ChatGPT could do to give you more free time.

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