Apple’s iOS 18 Feature Sparks Controversy: ‘A Cheater’s Paradise’




Smartphone showing iOS 18 interface with shadowy figure, symbolizing controversy and secrecy.

Apple’s latest iOS 18 update has ignited a firestorm of debate, with a new feature allowing users to hide or lock apps on their iPhone home screen. While Apple promotes it as a privacy measure for banking and parental controls, critics argue it facilitates infidelity, dubbing it ‘a cheater’s paradise.’

Key Takeaways

  • iOS 18 allows users to hide or lock apps on their iPhone home screen.
  • The feature is intended to protect sensitive information and prevent unauthorized access.
  • Critics argue it could be misused to conceal infidelity.
  • Social media reactions are mixed, with some praising the feature and others condemning it.

The Controversial Feature

Apple’s new iOS 18 update includes a feature that lets users hide or lock apps on their iPhone home screen. According to Apple, this feature is designed to keep banking apps private and prevent children from making unauthorized purchases on platforms like Amazon. However, the feature has sparked controversy, with many users arguing it could be used to hide dating apps and other activities from significant others.

How It Works

  • Hide an App: Users can obscure the icon and name of an app on the Home Screen, pausing notifications and moving the app to a ‘Hidden App’ folder in the App Library.
  • Lock an App: Built-in apps like Mail, Messages, Notes, Phone, Photos, and Safari can be locked and accessed only through Face ID.
  • Privacy Measures: When an app is locked or hidden, its content, including messages and emails, is hidden from search, notifications, and other system-wide features.

Social Media Reactions

The announcement led to a flurry of reactions on social media platforms like Elon Musk’s X. Some users expressed excitement, stating they had waited years for such a feature. Others, however, were quick to point out its potential for misuse.

  • "Thanks Apple. I will be trying to hide online dating app from my wife," one user commented.
  • "With lock app and hide app, I can finally do it," another added.
  • Some users joked that the feature "is going to break up relationships."

The Bigger Picture

The controversy comes as a Pew Research Centre survey revealed that 40% of Americans have used dating apps while in a committed relationship. Despite the mixed reviews, other features in iOS 18 have been well-received.

Other iOS 18 Features

Apart from the contentious ‘Lock and Hide App’ feature, iOS 18 introduces several new functionalities:

  • Apple Intelligence: An AI-powered system that can solve problems, respond to prompts, and create new text and images. It integrates information from apps like Maps, Mail, and Messages to assist with scheduling and planning.
  • Enhanced Privacy Controls: Tools to manage who can see apps, how contacts are shared, and how the iPhone connects to accessories.


While the new ‘Lock and Hide App’ feature in iOS 18 aims to enhance user privacy, it has also opened up a Pandora’s box of ethical questions. As Apple continues to innovate, the tech giant must navigate the fine line between offering useful features and addressing potential misuse.


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