Generative AI Job Postings Surge Tenfold in a Year, Says Indeed




Bar graph illustrating a tenfold surge in generative AI job postings within a year, highlighting a significant upward trend.

The demand for generative artificial intelligence (AI) experts is skyrocketing, with job postings increasing tenfold over the past year, according to new data from job posting service Indeed. This surge underscores the growing importance of AI in corporate America and the increasing need for skilled professionals in this field.

Key Takeaways

  • Generative AI job postings have increased tenfold in the past year.
  • AI-related jobs still make up a small percentage of total listings but are growing rapidly.
  • AI jobs in the U.S. constitute nearly 2% of all postings.
  • AI-related jobs offer significantly higher salaries compared to other fields.
  • Some AI job opportunities do not require a computer science degree.
  • The fastest-growing skillset in the market is generative AI modeling.

Exponential Growth in AI Job Postings

Indeed reported a tenfold increase in generative AI job postings over the past year. From April 2022 to April 2024, the number of these postings surged by 75 times. Despite this substantial growth, AI-related jobs still represent a small fraction of the total listings on Indeed. As of the end of April, they made up just 0.12% of all global job postings, a significant jump from 0.002% two years ago.

In the United States, AI jobs account for nearly 2% of all postings, reflecting the rapid evolution of the industry and the increasing demand for AI expertise.

High Salaries and Diverse Opportunities

For job seekers, the growing demand for AI professionals translates to higher salaries. A report from last November revealed that AI-related jobs offer salaries more than 77% higher than those in other fields. Some positions even start with compensation as high as $450,000 per year.

Interestingly, not all AI job opportunities require a computer science degree. Roles such as AI documentation writer, project manager, and ethicist are available to those without a technical background. However, computer scientists remain the most in-demand, with nearly 30% of jobs in that field last year being AI-related.

Fastest-Growing Skillsets

A study by freelance talent platform Upwork in March found that data science and analytics were the fastest-growing work categories among employers. There is particular demand for skills in machine learning, data visualization, data extraction, and data engineering.

The fastest-growing skillset in the overall market is generative AI modeling, which involves building and training models used in generative AI. Indeed’s data did not specify which jobs are most popular among companies currently hiring for generative AI roles, but mathematics and tech backgrounds are highly sought after.

Adapting to the AI Job Market

The spike in AI job postings follows a slowdown in tech hiring in the latter half of last year. For those considering a career in AI, experience in the field is invaluable. However, recruiters also value soft skills such as curiosity and optimism, as these departments often push boundaries and seek to avoid individuals who focus on potential challenges.

Recruiters may also look for exceptional skills in any field, career progression, and whether candidates have been featured at leading conferences. A candidate who can adapt quickly and has a strong desire to learn may find themselves with multiple job offers as the demand for AI talent continues to grow.

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