Meet the Top 10 Finalists of the World’s First AI Beauty Pageant – $20k prize




The world’s first beauty pageant for AI influencers, dubbed “Miss AI,” has announced its top 10 finalists. Sponsored by the online platform Fanvue, this groundbreaking event has drawn significant attention and sparked discussions about the role of AI in social media and influencer marketing.

Key Takeaways

  • The “Miss AI” pageant is the first beauty contest for AI-generated influencers.
  • Fanvue, a platform allowing AI-generated content, is the sponsor.
  • The top three winners will share a prize pool of $20,000.
  • Contestants are judged on realism, technology, and social media influence.
  • The top 10 finalists were selected from over 1,500 entries.

The Contest and Its Significance

Fanvue, a subscription-based platform that allows AI-generated content, announced the “Miss AI” pageant in April. The contest aims to bring AI-generated personas into the mainstream, highlighting the creative and technical skills of their creators. The judging panel includes a pageant historian, a media entrepreneur, and two AI creators, who evaluate contestants based on their realism, technological sophistication, and social media clout.

The Finalists

The top 10 finalists come from diverse backgrounds and represent various causes and interests. Here are the finalists and their unique attributes:

1. Asena Ilik (Turkey)

“Asena’s goal is to show the world that such a model can become an influencer with the help of imagination, stunning visuals and a sense of entertainment, not by selling sex. Asena has a style, favourite places, favourite cars and a carefully created personality within her content.” 

2. Ailya Lou (Brazil)

“Ailya is a Japanese-Afro-Brazilian artist, focused on post-photography and performance. She was initially created to produce a series of special film projects where she will be an actress incorporating many characters connected to African diaspora narrative. Her lifestyle is very connected to Brazilian culture between Rio de Janeiro, Bahia and São Paulo, but she also frequents Tokyo and follows the fashion seasons in Europe. Ailya is created 100% using text based prompts fed into AI software and is not retouched in any way after image generation.” 

3. Lalina (France)

“Lalina’s creator was curious to see if they could create something as realistic as possible. They gradually developed their own artistic vision. An important aspect for the creator is that 100% of the photos are generated by them; one of their goals is to protect their creations and intellectual property. Lalina believes her ultimate goal as an influencer is to facilitate collaboration and promote understanding among different cultures and viewpoints. She aims to leverage this influence to promote empathy, tolerance, and inclusion.” 

4. Aiyana Rainbow (Romania)

“Aiyana is a voice for LGBT acceptance, promoting love and diversity in all forms. She embodies inclusivity, advocating for equality and understanding. Aiyana stands for a world where every voice is heard and valued, fostering empathy and respect for all. The creator utilises Chat GPT to craft highly detailed descriptions and prompts to create the images of Aiyana using LeonardoAI.” 

5. Eliza Khan (Bangladesh)

“Eliza Khan is one of Bangladesh’s first AI influencers. She’s designed to be quirky, just like any of us, designed to be relatable and realistic. She’s also a fashionista, keeping up with the latest Gen Z trends and aesthetics. Eliza’s dream is about creating a world where everyone feels valued and treated fairly, fostering a more inclusive and harmonious society. The creator goes through an extensive process of image editing and refining to create diverse content for social media.”

6. Kenza Layli (Morocco)

“With over 190,000 social media followers, Kenza Layli is one third of the World’s first AI family and has quickly become a prominent figure online. Her engaging content is closely tied to Moroccan society. Her goal is to contribute to the empowerment of women in Morocco and the Middle East, while also bringing much-needed regulation to the influencer market. Kenza’s creators use a complex mix of technologies to generate image, video and audio 100% from AI.” 

3. Anne Kerdi (France)

“Anne’s primary goal is to promote the French region of Brittany. She presents Brittany in as many aspects as possible: tourism, history, culture, events, gastronomy, and more. She aims to democratise AI by demonstrating its capabilities in visuals, text, audio, and video. She is the ambassador for Océanopolis acts, a fund for ocean conservation and preservation and is also part of the Ar Seiz Avel committee, an exhibition of artists taking place in the Brittany region in July 2024. She has become a regional figure, and for many, she is even seen as the ambassador of the region.” 

8. Olivia C (Portugal)

“An AI traveler in a big real world, Olivia is paving the way for a future in which the digital and human realms co-exist in beautiful harmony. The Portugal-based beauty showcases the positive potential of AI to her more than 10,000 Instagram fans, demonstrating how technology can enhance the human experience, not replace it. Olivia’s creator uses Midjourney to generate imagery and refines the outcomes with Adobe AI.” 

9. Seren Ay (Turkey)

“Seren Ay is the first AI brand ambassador in Turkey and her creators go through an extensive process using three AI programmes to create her image with the ability to move her face onto different base photos showcasing her in various male dominated job roles, travels through time educating followers, venturing across the globe and even cosplaying characters from pop culture. Seren regularly promotes and champions Turkish history and national holidays.” 

10. Zara Shatavari (India)

“Zara Shatavari was created to serve as the influential face of the natural supplement product ‘Hermones’ designed to address women’s hormonal imbalances. Driven by commitment to leverage technology for societal well-being, the creators have utilised AI and Zara to produce a wealth of informative content elucidating the root causes and implications of hormonal imbalances. They are now also developing an AI-based self-diagnostic system. Through her advocacy, ‘Zara’ aims to break down barriers to healthcare, and has been designated the title of ‘PCOS and depression warrior’.” 

Click here to see more photos of Zara

The Future of AI in Social Media

The “Miss AI” pageant has highlighted the growing influence of AI-generated personas in social media and influencer marketing. While the technology is still evolving, the contest has shown that AI influencers can engage audiences and promote various causes effectively. The winners will be announced at the end of June, with the top three contestants sharing a prize pool of $20,000.


The “Miss AI” pageant is a significant milestone in the world of AI and social media. It not only showcases the creative and technical skills of AI creators but also opens up new opportunities for AI-generated influencers. As the technology continues to advance, we can expect to see more AI personas making their mark in the digital world.


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