Meta Unveils Cutting-Edge AI Tools for WhatsApp Business




Smartphone showing WhatsApp Business app with digital icons of AI tools around it.

Meta has announced the launch of new AI tools for WhatsApp Business, aimed at enhancing customer interactions and streamlining business operations. The announcement was made at the Conversations 2024 event, where Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg highlighted the company’s commitment to leveraging AI for business growth.

Key Takeaways

  • Meta introduces AI tools to improve customer service on WhatsApp Business.
  • Meta Verified is rolling out in Brazil, India, Indonesia, and Colombia.
  • New feature allows voice calls to larger businesses via WhatsApp.

AI Tools to Enhance Customer Service

Meta’s new AI tools are designed to help businesses on WhatsApp better assist their customers. These tools can respond to frequently asked questions, helping customers find the answers they need quickly. Additionally, AI will assist in creating ads on Facebook and Instagram, reminding customers of items left in their cart or offering discounts on pending purchases.

Mark Zuckerberg emphasized that the goal is to build multiple AI agents that can serve different purposes, including customer support and facilitating commerce. The AI-powered customer support feature is currently being tested with select merchants in India and Singapore, with plans to expand to Brazil soon.

Meta Verified for WhatsApp Business

Meta is rolling out the Meta Verified badge for WhatsApp Business in Brazil, India, Indonesia, and Colombia. This badge indicates that a business has registered its information with Meta, providing enhanced account support and impersonation protection. Businesses with the Meta Verified badge can also use WhatsApp across multiple devices for their employees.

Voice Calls for Larger Businesses

A new feature will allow consumers to call larger businesses on WhatsApp with just one tap. This feature aims to facilitate more personal interactions, especially for complex inquiries. The feature is currently being tested and will be expanded to more businesses in the coming months.

Future Prospects

Meta’s AI tools are expected to transform consumer conversations, making them more personalized and efficient. The company is also focusing on optimizing message delivery, ensuring that businesses can reach the most relevant customers. With these advancements, Meta aims to increase the number of business-customer interactions on WhatsApp, driving growth and enhancing user experience.


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