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Unlock a world of knowledge with the Wikipedia ChatGPT Plugin. Whether you’re curious about general knowledge, current events, or breaking news, this plugin provides you with up-to-date information directly from Wikipedia.

Ideas on How You Can Use the Wikipedia ChatGPT Plugin

General Knowledge

Ever wondered about the history of the internet or how black holes work? Just ask, and the Wikipedia ChatGPT Plugin will provide you with a concise yet comprehensive answer.

Example ChatGPT Prompts: “Use Wikipedia to…”

“Tell me about the history of the internet.”

“How do black holes work?”


The Smart Slides ChatGPT Plugin allows you to customize your slides to align with your brand or personal style. Change the layout, or adjust text styles to make your slides uniquely yours.

Example ChatGPT Prompts

“Change the layout to a two-column format.”

Current Events

Stay updated on what’s happening around the world. Whether it’s political events, scientific discoveries, or cultural milestones, the Wikipedia ChatGPT Plugin has got you covered.

Example ChatGPT Prompts: “Use Wikipedia to…”

“What’s the latest update on the Mars Rover mission?”

“Tell me about the recent G7 summit.”

Academic Research

Doing research for a project or paper? The Wikipedia ChatGPT Plugin can provide you with a good starting point and even suggest additional resources for further reading.

Example ChatGPT Prompts: “Use Wikipedia to…”

“Tell me about the economic impact of climate change.”

“What are the key theories of human psychology?”


Heard something interesting and want to verify its accuracy? Use the Wikipedia ChatGPT Plugin to fact-check information quickly.

Example ChatGPT Prompts: “Use Wikipedia to…”

“Is it true that octopuses have three hearts?”

“Verify the tallest mountain in the world.”

Additional Features

  • Citations: The plugin can provide citations for the information, making it easier for you to reference the source.
  • Multilingual Support: Ask for information in different languages.
  • Related Topics: Get suggestions for related topics to explore further.

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Hey there! We’d love to hear about your experience using this plugin with ChatGPT. How have you been using it? Feel free to share your ideas and thoughts in the comments below. We’re excited to learn from your insights!

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